What is Cinnabar Quartz?

Cinnabar Quartz display
Cinnabar Quartz display
Cinnabar is known in the Orient as the Merchants Stone. It has strong metaphysical properties and the energy of this stone may bring an increase of wealth to yourself and your business. Placing a cluster of cinnabar in ones cash box has produced an increase in income for the merchant and also helps to maintain that state of wealth. The stone is also powerful for awakening mystic psychic abilities and may empower you to complete your Divine purpose for incarnating this lifetime. It will aid you in developing your intuition and bring increase in your mental alertness allowing you to think more creatively. it is a powerful transformation tool and you can use its energy to fully embrace your inherent genius. When used in community work and in organization it will assist one in remembering the “giving qualities” of the Divine
Cinnabar has been found in a number of locations…including Mexico, Spain, Serbia,China and the USA. The word cinnabar comes from the Persian word meaning “dragons blood” Its color is a deep red and is often found alongside or mixed with Quartz. This is an excellent combination as the quartz will amplify the vibration. Depending on what your reason for using it is , you may wish to combine it with serpentine or carnelian to aid in Kundalini awakening. Use it with stones such as Black tourmaline or garnet to aid in grounding. To aid in personal relationships you may combine it with fire agate or zincite.
This stone has a positive effect on the healing of the physical body and may be used to align all the chakras. It enhances your life force and is said to give those who wear it a long life. It is also said to aid the healing of sexual or fertility issues and heals the underlying problems causing weight issues.
The Center has amazing collection of the most beautiful Cinnabar mixed with Quartz I’ve ever seen. It takes your breath away when you first see it and the energy you feel is so powerful and distinctly Joyous. I just love having it around not only my business but also my home. Its great for Feng Shui when put in your money and wealth corner. A piece on a nightstand is excellent for relationship attraction and sexual energy. Don’t be surprised if you wake up with amazing insights and inspirations.