What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life RegressionPast Life Regression is the journeying into one’s past lives while hypnotized. Each lifetime finds you dressed differently and each scene you experience allows you insight into the various roles you chose to play during your evolution. Once you have experienced several regressions, you see a pattern to your experiences and you see where and how to make corrections in your current incarnation. If we see reincarnation as the outcome of karmic morality or cosmic crime and punishment, then perhaps these “corrections” will allow one to transcend the pattern of return or rebirth, if not in this lifetime, than in a future one.
Eastern religions accept reincarnation as part of their doctrine; Christianity has rejected it since 553 AD when it was dropped from their doctrine at the fifth Ecumenical Council at Constantinople. Jewish mysticism, or Kabala , which provides a significant aspect of New Age thought, teaches that each one is given a part of the creation to fix; if this task is not accomplished in one’s lifetime, then that individual must return to complete his task.
Sometimes we have difficult times in our lives and we think that we must have done something in our past to deserve hardship. As the ‘soul’ advances on the path of purifying, it draws to itself harder challenges to work through. Thus, we are provided the opportunity in times of conflict to learn and change.
It is thought that we continue to reincarnate with the same group of people. Perhaps we make agreements with these people to play certain roles at certain times, switching roles when necessary. Some people we reincarnate with as friends and teachers, and we reincarnate in power struggles with others to effect a certain teaching. Sometimes, however, the power struggles that we play with another are really difficult to see objectively. And we continue to play them out because of emotions such as guilt, anger and fear carried over from one or more lives. If that’s so, then we can look at the power struggles and issues associated with them in a past life and we could then ask ourselves how long we want to stay engaged at that level. We could then choose to disengage from the struggle.
Unresolved emotional issues that are carried from one life to another can be either impediments or guideposts on our individual paths. Whether an issue is a guidepost or an impediment depends only on the level of awareness and open mindedness with which it is approached.