What are Tibetan bowls?

tibetan bowlsMany cultures and religions revere sound so deeply as to believe it called the universe into being. For the Hindus, all was dark and quiet in the universe until the first movement in the universe created the sound “Aum.” It is the mother tone, containing the frequencies of all other sounds.
Everything that moves vibrates, from the smallest molecule to the universe itself. As long as it is vibrating, it is making some kind of sound. We may not perceive the sound, as it may be below or above the threshold of our hearing. However, sounds are also recognized by skin and bone conduction; thus, the entire body may be considered a hearing device. Scientific studies show that sound can produce changes in the autonomic, immune, and endocrine systems. Every atom, molecule, cell, gland and organ of the human body absorbs and emits sound. The entire body, as well as our brain waves in a relaxed state, vibrates at a fundamental frequency of about 8 cycles per second, literally attuning us to the basic electromagnetic field of the earth itself.
As the universe is composed of spinning wheels of energy, we too, at the inner core, spin seven wheel like energy centers called Chakras. They are measurable patterns of electromagnetic activity, centers for the reception, assimilation and transmission of life energies. Each Chakra reflects essential aspects of consciousness, forming the master programs that govern our lives, loves, learning and illumination. Chakras can be open, closed or any of the various stages in between. These states may be basic aspects of someone’s personality throughout most of their life, or something that changes from moment to moment, in response to a situation. An ailing Chakra maybe unable to change its state easily, being “stuck ” in either an open or a closed state. If this is the state, the Chakra needs healing, by uncovering and removing whatever is blocking it. The seven major Chakras are all inseparably interrelated. A block in the functioning of one Chakra may affect the activity of the one above or below it causing the body to be operating in a state of disharmony.
Our bodies are genetically pre-programmed to be self-healing instruments. Certain sounds heal by assisting the body to come into its natural state of balance and harmony. When an organ or body part is healthy, it creates a natural resonant frequency in harmony with the rest of the body. Each of the energy centers is associated with a specific tone of the C major musical scale from “C” of the Root Chakra, progressing upward to the 7th or Crown Chakra and the corresponding 7th note of the scale, “B.”
When the vibration of a part of the body is out of harmony, we have dis-ease. With dis-ease, a different sound pattern is established in the affected part of the body. The sound pattern is not a pure tone. When the correct pitch is projected into the dis-eased area, correct harmonic patterns are restored. This is sound healing.
There are many methods of healing with sound. Mantras and chants have been used for thousands of years considering that the human voice is a most powerful musical instrument. Other instruments are also used to effect changes in the body by breaking up these blockages. An instrument vibrating in concert with one of the notes of the scale, can cause the associated Chakra to open. Crystal bowls particularly, are of great use in sound healing. They are composed almost exclusively of silicon quartz to which the body has a natural affinity. Our bodies and those substances which compose the brain are crystalline in structure. Even on a molecular level, our cells contain silica, which balances our electro-magnetic energies. This is the same formula as natural quartz crystal. Quartz crystal sound or music, holds the vibration which acts directly on our Chakras’ physical centers. In addition, it has the power to bring about a positive shift in our consciousness. As our awareness expands, we grow close to our original selves and start to reflect the highest radiance in our physical form. Through these crystal healing sounds, one can re-pattern the energy field organization that ultimately affects the cellular expression of disease or wellness.
The power of thought is the means by which we create our reality. Nothing can be created if it has not first been thought. Crystal amplifies the thought programmed within. Thus it can be used to bring out a special quality or feeling in people and simultaneously release and replace thought forms that are not of the highest radiance for the listener. The crystal bowl’s sound “heals” our thoughts so that we can heal our physical selves. At the same time, the sounds emitted work directly on bodily imbalances in order to rid the body of dis-ease and restore a healthy state of being.
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