Energy Cycles, The Dream Body and Using Them Wisely

energyEnergy Cycles

Cycles are an obvious measure of time. Some of us mark time with quarterly taxes, and all of us are familiar with the yearly deadline of April 15th. Unfortunately, many of us have disconnected from the cycles that are part of nature’s rhythm and affect us whether we are aware of it or not. Awareness of the cycles of life can be an ally and powerful source of support for our lives; for living our lives consciously; for living our dreams.
We are preparing to enter the season of Summer. This is the time we are all aware of as the end of spring, completing school, planting is over, and preparing for summer. It is a time of unique beauty in the beautiful colors as the leaves change, and as the plants and trees shift to dormancy. The four-leggeds and birds are physically relocating (migrating) or shifting their metabolism to survive winter.
This is a time of change for humans as well. Autumn is the best time to work with our dreaming body. It is the natural phase of going into the self, so we can connect with our dreaming body. The dreaming body is an unrestricted field of energy surrounding the physical body through which energetic vibrations are continually perceived. The aura holds our physical body intact –maintaining the physical body. The dreaming body is maintaining the aura. The dreaming body is encapsulating the aura. Since it is unrestricted, it can be expanded anywhere. It is constantly moving–constantly touching everything around it, absorbing information. It is akin to an encyclopedia. It picks up everything like a sponge. Thus, our dreams cannot be limited either, since they are manifested through the dreaming body. There is no judgment in what the dreaming body perceives–it just stores information. There may be something we want to know, so we move into the dreaming body. We can go there and access it consciously, and many times we go there as we sleep. This is called second attention and it is a method of using our spiritual senses –inner knowing, inner vision, inner hearing. Sometimes messages come in symbols. (Barriers develop between the conscious mind and the dreaming body as we were corrected as a child.) Learning to shift our attention from the physical to the energetic can give a better understanding of life and what’s going on around us; the better we relate to people and control our energy.

Energy Flow

Utilizing the energy of the season is only the beginning. Within each season are planetary cycles that affect each of us deeply. Studying the phases of the moon is a powerful tool. Delineating the actual phases and signs of the moon, then journaling our experience can assist us in identifying our own natural rhythm. There are times during the month that we have more energy in one of the four parts of the self–physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Some days it is easier to deal with mental tasks. Organizing, dealing with details, making business calls–all of these tasks can flow. Other days, we can be in touch with our emotions and want to connect emotionally with others. Expressing our emotional self is vital. Being in this emotional stage and attempting to take care of detailed mental tasks can be difficult and counterproductive. Awareness of our own energy and how it is being influenced by nature’s cycles, can lead to a sense of balance and support in our day-to-day life. Keeping a journal for a season can assist us in becoming conscious of our energy and natural cycles. Honoring that rhythm enables us to tap into the energy available.

There are other planetary energy cycles that are powerful.

Jupiter cycles are expansive and bring luck many times. Jupiter is usually in a house for approximately a year. Saturn can be in a house for two and a half to three years–it brings lessons. Saturn is also the determiner of seven, fourteen, and twenty-eight year cycles. Each of the planets affects us in different ways, depending on the planet, which area (house) of our chart is involved, and the aspects being formed. Checking with a professional astrologer for detailed information on these cycles enables us to make wiser decisions in a timely fashion.