Free Weekly Horoscope – Dec 16 to Dec 22

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra,
Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces
Overview of this week

The Center for the New Age is pleased to present
your Free Weekly Horoscope
for December 16 — December 22, 2012

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra,
Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Mercury in Sagittarius is opposite Jupiter in Gemini until Wednesday bringing broad-minded visions about detailed observations. Both Mercury and Jupiter are in detrimental positions of the zodiac, causing an acute awareness of our struggles with regard to accurately communicating our sense of wellbeing and prosperity. This aspect focuses news on the opulent lifestyles of the rich and famous as people find themselves unable to stop talking about their financial situation or their need for advancement, a raise or an income. Wealth is highlighted, but not in a positive way and there is considerable debate as to what wealth really represents. Most of the time wealth is an illusion, and people really don’t know what they’re talking about when they make assumptions about the apparent wellbeing of others. However, as the revolution for change continues, this particular aspect brings out the truth about what people are thinking concerning the highly imbalanced fortunes of the world.

Venus in Sagittarius is trine Uranus in Aries. Adventurous and versatile kinds of love and attraction will bring positive breakthroughs through radical self-expression. Dangerous love and taking chances become common occurrences. This aspect creates an attraction to the unusual, yet it allows a harmony to exist in love related matters while chaotic occurrences are taking place. Love at first sight is explosive at this time, but not necessarily long lasting.

The First Quarter Moon in Pisces on Wednesday often brings our hearts and minds to a peaceful place. A spacey, dreamy sort of consciousness leads to strong psychic awareness. While the First Quarter Moon is in Pisces, calming music, art and poetry will fill us with inspiration, intuition and hope. Unhappy people are likely to turn to intoxicants to escape their troubles. Deep meditation and spiritual practices will empower the imagination. That which you are sensing on Wednesday will reveal especially powerful indications of what is going on. Use your intuition attentively and observe cautiously and strive as best you may to ease the senses whenever they seem to be overloaded.

The Sun enters Capricorn on Friday, Winter Solstice! The lengthening days of the Sun is finally here and a new season and cycle begin. Capricorn days of the Sun are splendid times to focus on goals and to discipline one’s nature to make daily tasks add up to something worth accomplishing. Although tedious and often predictable, Capricorn makes sure the job is done and done well. The mood of the day is decidedly watchful as the fabled Mayan calendar shift and its prophecies –including doomsday pronouncements – brings a much anticipated level of fascination. This is the time to be willing to face and overcome fear. The planets align in a special way to form what is called, "Finger of God." This finger points to a certain area or theme for each of us that is key to our evolution. This is the time to count your blessings, spread hope and positive energy. Defy and abolish doomsday foolishness with love and recognize that every ending evolves into a new beginning indicated by the "Finger of God."

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra,
Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

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Free Weekly Horoscope for your Sign

(19 March – 19 April)

Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Symbol: Ram
Stone: Ruby
Aries: The planets are lining up in such a way this week as to present all of us with a key to greater fulfillment –possibly even enlightenment. What is your particular key to enlightenment? Inasmuch as the key lies in your thinking, perhaps there is a tendency toward a certain emotional state such as guilt or anger that has been holding you back and now is the time to release it. If you could instill more harmony into your thoughts and consequently your relationships, life would suddenly become more beautiful. Maybe it’s about using the power of your mind to visualize the life you wish to manifest or maybe it’s about nipping negative thoughts or limiting beliefs in the bud. Start this week by confronting a negative feeling or angry emotion and see if you can turn it around into something positive. Unshackle your adventurous spirit and see what you’re capable of.
(19 April – 20 May)

Element: Earth
Planet: Venus
Symbol: Bull
Stone: Emerald
Taurus: Take a moment on December 21 (and ideally every day this week) to contemplate how much you have in your life that is worthy of gratitude. You will find that the more you focus on all that you have, the more an attitude of abundance will begin to wash over you which will, in turn, lead to more good things coming into your life. Every sign is being given a gift by this week’s cosmic alignment, but some might say that the universe is being especially generous with you, offering prosperity, good fortune, financial blessings and an increase in your ability to make money from doing what you love. Remember that the keyword here is "love." When you love what you do and enjoy what you have, the heavens will rain down on you an endless stream of bounty and benevolence so start counting your blessings!
(20 May – 20 June)

Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Symbol: Twins
Stone: Aquamarine
Gemini: This week’s dramatic alignment on December 21 points toward you as the key to your own evolution. At first this may seem like an obvious thing to say; surely we are all responsible for our own happiness, but maybe you’ve forgotten that and that’s why the planets are offering a gentle reminder that you, and only you, have the power to change things. You can’t wait for someone else to change, and you can’t wait for the universe to deliver your ideal job or your perfect home. And you can’t hope that your life will magically change and become more joyful without any effort on your part. While the planets would never advocate being self centered, there are times when it becomes necessary to turn the spotlight on yourself and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Your relationships are also likely to be a key theme and it appears as though you need to get the balance right. Any tension needs to be resolved and the air needs to be cleared. Loving yourself and others is what you need to focus on and this will pave the way to positive developments.
(20 June – 22 July)

Element: Water
Planet: Moon
Symbol: Crab
Stone: Moonstone
Cancer: How much harmony is there in your life right now? Not enough? As the planets line up for their December 21 extravagant alignment, your gift is harmony of body, mind and soul. You don’t need to instill a great deal of effort to achieve this. By simply surrendering your concerns to a higher power and acting on the guidance you receive, you will automatically find your way onto a more harmonious path. It is also important for you to bring love into everything you do, from the work you do and the service you provide to the dishes you wash and the meals you make. Let love be your motivating factor in all your actions, and you will find yourself living in harmony with everyone and everything. Not a mantra, but here’s a quote for you for this week: If you do what you can to purify your own physical atoms by right thinking, right speech, right action, right living, then imperceptibly you will find a raising of your consciousness and a happiness of which you have not dreamed.
(22 July – 22 August)

Element: Fire
Planet: Sun
Symbol: Lion
Stone: Peridot
Leo: This week, as the planets line up on December 21, the themes of enjoying your creativity and developing your social life come into focus. It would seem that this is the way forward for you –to focus on what you enjoy and do more of it, and to get it out there into the world. Friendships, groups and social connections are the main keys to your forward movement, so the question to ask is: Could your social life be better? Would you benefit from having more friends? Would a group of likeminded people with whom you could share ideas and information be a move in the right direction? Perhaps other people could be instrumental in your next step and although Leo is a sign that likes to think it can do everything single-handedly, now is the time when your life would be enriched by sharing and connecting with kindred souls. If you want to be successful, you may need to consider that no man is an island and your quote for this week’s special cosmic alignment is by Ralph Waldo Emerson: The only way to have a friend is to be one.
(22 August – 22 September)

Element: Earth
Planet: Mercury
Symbol: Virgin
Stone: Sapphire
Virgo: What’s your definition of success? It might be worth spending a moment to think about what success means for you because this week’s big planetary alignment is pointing toward success as your key to forward movement and happiness. Some people are successful in the eyes of others, but a great deal of stress goes into maintaining that appearance of success. Others may be successful in terms of money and status while doing something they don’t actually enjoy. Maybe for you success is about doing what you love in a relaxed way, or it may be time for you to branch out in a new direction or to expand and seek more growth. The most important thing is that it should feel right for you and be in harmony with your home life. This is an ideal time to make your home a beautiful, nourishing place for your soul which in turn will enable you to be truly successful in the world at large.
(22 September – 22 October)

Element: Air
Planet: Venus
Symbol: Scales
Stone: Opal
Libra: This week, on December 21, the planets align in a special way pointing to a certain area or theme for each of us that is key to our evolution. As a Libran, your key theme is adventure. You will benefit from stepping out into the unknown and trusting that all will be well, even if you haven’t got a clue where exactly you’ll end up or how things will turn out. Perhaps it’s as simple as recognizing that you need to take a risk, be more daring, or invite the unexpected into your life. Maybe you need to broaden your horizons and push out of your comfort zone being more willing to experiment, try different things and walk the un-trodden path. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Spend a few moments on December 21 contemplating how you could incorporate more adventure into your days, since this is what your soul is calling you toward.
(22 October – 21 November)

Element: Water
Planet: Pluto
Symbol: Scorpion
Stone: Topaz
Scorpio: This week’s alignment on December 21 points toward a new vision for you as the way forward. You may be getting a sense that life is opening up –that new possibilities await and that things don’t have to carry on as they were before. Contained within this new vision of life is the transformation of your old self. This may lead you to confront your shadow and the repressed contents of your psyche, as once these are released you will feel much lighter and more inclined toward change. Much of this process of regeneration will happen naturally, but any conscious awareness that you can bring will help the process move faster. You would benefit from joining forces with another person –especially where you pool your resources, whether this is a business venture or any other form of relationship. What matters is that there is a sense of trust and commitment and that the two of you work together toward a shared purpose.
(21 November – 21 December)

Element: Fire
Planet: Jupiter
Symbol: Archer
Stone: Turquoise
Sagittarius: This, as you probably know, is a potent week. The planets line up on December 21 to form a "Finger of God." Wherever the finger points, is crucial in terms of our awakening. For you, the finger is pointing to your relationships. Take a moment to think about this, for it is saying the key to your survival isn’t work, money, success or anything of a material nature. It is saying that love and your interactions with other people are where you need to be focusing your attention. So if you have neglected someone –or several people –now is the time to remember how important they are in your world. As C.S. Lewis writes, Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives and in your case, it is absolutely right on.
(21 December – 19 January)

Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn
Symbol: Goat
Stone: Garnet
Capricorn: The potent alignment on December 21 is pointing to your health and well-being as the way forward. Whether an improvement in your health would contribute to some sort of spiritual awakening or whether it will simply give you more energy and a better mental state is up to you to decide, but it certainly looks as though this is the area that you need to be focusing on. Perhaps this hasn’t been the easiest year and you feel drained. Perhaps physically and emotional you are very depleted and you need time out to rejuvenate. You can also help matters by refraining from overindulging during the holiday festivities. Look for the healthy options during those social occasions when most people eat and drink to excess and if you can do this, your body will support you in all that you need to do.
(20 January – 18 February)

Element: Air
Planet: Uranus
Symbol: Water Bearer
Stone: Amethyst
Aquarius: On the 21st, the Finger of God alignment in your chart points toward a need to lighten up, have fun, be creative and enjoy a little bit of frivolity. Yours is a quirky, humorous sign, but the seriousness of modern day life can get even the silliest people down. If you find yourself feeling exhausted, or if there’s a situation that knocks you off balance, remember the need for fun and enjoyment as this will be your quickest route back to well-being and happiness. Remember that this is the season to be jolly –not to be overloaded, rundown, overworked, stressed out, and trying to be all things to all people. Take a rest –you deserve it –and see the funny things in your life. As the poet Lord Byron said, Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine!
(18 February – 19 March)

Element: Water
Planet: Neptune
Symbol: Fish
Stone: Bloodstone
Pisces: On December 21, the planets align to form what is called the Finger of God. Perhaps this much talked about date is an opportunity for us to become clear about what will bring us the most love and joy, and in so doing lead to our awakening. For you, the planets are suggesting that your home and family are the keys to your success and that without a secure, warm, loving base it is very difficult to be a success in the outside world. Maybe there’s an issue that needs resolving –something from your past, or perhaps a situation with a family member. Or maybe it’s about finding or creating a home that nourishes your soul. When you are truly happy at home, you will find it much easier to love what you do in the outside world. Spend a moment or two this week contemplating what could be better and how you can manifest more joy at the home and family levels.

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