Sedona thrives in the Gov's Shutdown

The Red Rocks can’t be shutdown. We are sorry about the Grand Canyon is turning away 18,000 visitors a day. It appears that many of those visitors are spending not only more time, but more money in our amazing Sedona.
Twenty years ago when I first came to Sedona, we were merely a stopover for people heading to the Grand Canyon. Not anymore. We not only have the red beauty of the Canyon, but we have it with green trees and fall leaf colors. We have gorgeous resorts, to accommodate the most discerning travelers with amazing views and Top notch restaurants.
Known for much more than it’s breathtaking Beauty, Sedona has become known as one of the most powerful spiritual centers on earth. Sedona’s large number of power points known as Vortex Sites has increased Sedona’s popularity immensely over the past decade. People have reported Spiritual awakenings and spontaneous healings at the Sites.
Sedona also attracts many Psychics. Why? Because Sedona intensifies our Psychic energy. I was psychic when I got here twenty years ago, but was amazed how much more psychic I am here. And that’s true for all the other 15 Psychics that work here at Our Center for the New Age. Of course no trip to Sedona would be complete without a Psychic Reading or Energy Healing. But be careful, not everyone who claims to be Psychic here really is and I am very careful in choosing all the readers who work here.
There are also dozens of shops, Art Galleries, commercial tours and outdoor adventures to keep you busy. Or you might just want to sit back and relax and enjoy the majestic beauty.
Oh and be sure to have your Aura Photographed and read by Jamie. She is Sedona’s expert aura photographer and was just featured on Ancient Aliens TV Show this week, after the 4th commercial.

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