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UFO_Sedona_AZ“Melinda Leslie”
Reviewed December 10, 2013 NEW
My son and I visited Sedona in November of 2013. I wanted to give him an entertaining, heart-opening experience, so we hiked, meditated, ate a very pure diet, and partook of some events offered at the Center for New Age. We heard about the UFO tour offered by Melinda Leslie, where we would get to look through night-vision goggles that magnify light immensely. Melinda taught us the criteria for what qualifies as a UFO and what doesn’t. For instance, satellites do not travel in pairs or in groups of three, and they do not break out in right-angle directions. Satellites travel at a certain pace and do not slow down and disappear or glow in significantly varied brightness. The experience was really fun. What boy wouldn’t love looking through goggles of that caliber…watching satellites move across the sky, even if he is not open to the idea of UFO’s?
We did see about 14 events that did not fit normal circumstances according to Melinda’s criteria, and Melinda’s stories made the experience more fun than any fireside, story-telling memory that I’ve had.
Later that week we asked Melinda to do a reading for my son. She is also a medium. Now, entertainment was our main goal, because we are undecided about such things, but we reasoned that if there was a chance his reading could help him, why not get entertained and assisted at the same time? His birth mother died in child birth with him, and he is currently having massive struggles with ADHD, focus, attitude, and motivation, so we thought it couldn’t hurt to see if there might be a message for him that might help. Wow! She described his mother to me (to a “T”)! She gave him very inspiring messages that truly did alter the path he was on. Thank goodness! She also asked about someone who’s name started with a “C” and sounded like a “K”. My son has a sister two years older than him whose name is Caila. Melinda gave Caila an important life-changing message, also. (They have the same birth mother. I married their father.)
I want to say that although I am a scientific, skeptical type of person, the objective facts are plain to see– 1. We were very entertained. 2. There is a change in my son and daughter that is visible. 3. Melinda is an extremely sincere, likable person. I only wish we had the funds to also attend her class on psychokinesis. I’ve always wanted to bend spoons. hehe. Fun.
Visited November 2013

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