As a Board Certified Medical Doctor (MD) for 35+ years I have never believed in psychics or spiritual guides. In my world of medicine your gift isn’t scientific, so in my mind anyone who went was wasting their time & money.
While visiting Scottsdale & Sedona one month ago, I was curious after hearing of your ‘talents’ from a local guide. I was VERY SKEPTICAL, but kept returning to your store…feeling strangely ‘drawn’ to make an appointment (Honestly I didn’t know how I was going to explain an appointment with a psychic to my engineer son, who was waiting out in the car). Would he think the ‘vortexes’ that we had dismissed out of hand had somehow gotten to his mom?
I must say YOU ARE AMAZING. You told me you are not a ‘medium’, but then my mother; father & Uncle Tony came through. You ‘saw’ my mother with a big pot of sauce & spoon when she ‘came through’ and gave you that image to prove to me that it was her. Although I’ve seen a similar picture of her (she wasn’t holding a pot), I NEVER saw that picture till last night when I was organizing my tax information.
I Have No Idea HOW it got mixed in with my charity deduction paperwork. It was in the newspaper & taken when she was 6 months pregnant with me. I didn’t even remember this picture at the time of the reading and found it only after I “talked to her” yesterday. God, where was this picture for nearly 6 decades Scottie?

Hear AnneMarie talk about her experience:

I was VERY SKEPTICALRegarding Uncle Tony, you drew this monument which he said I would recognize and I immediately did. It is the Trenton Battle Monument where we grew up and he drove by it with me every night and told me stories about it.
Following my gut and making an appointment with you has changed me physically, emotionally, spiritually and has given me the peace and tangible “proof” that my family is still guiding me.

You are NOT A Littlestar Scottie ~~ You are a SUPERSTAR
ScottieI am sending you a BIG Hug!