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The Center for the New Age is pleased to present
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Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius on March 20 is a good time to internalize your new wishes and thoughts about the upcoming season. At the same time, focus on healing disruptive feelings and make a sporting effort to let go of unsatisfactory habits. This is the time to broaden the mind and allow yourself to go further than anticipated in realizing your vision for the future.

Mercury in Aries is square Pluto in Capricorn (March 23 – March 27). Scrutiny and doubt make it difficult to communicate with those of another generation. This is a particularly difficult time to deal with burdensome issues and discuss them in a manner that relieves tension. Mercury square Pluto often brings harsh and sometimes fatal news. Talk revolves around the corruption of superpowers and the setbacks caused by this corruption.

Mercury in Aries opposite Jupiter in Libra (March 24 – March 31) puts the focus of news on the opulent lifestyles of the rich and famous. Those who are experiencing an economic crunch are unable to stop talking about their financial situation, and may produce non-stop talk concerning the need for advancement, a raise or an income. Issues concerning wealth become controversial, and there is often an acute awareness of what expenditures are being made. Whatever the case, it si a time of acute awareness concerning talk about and exchange of money.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Free Weekly Horoscope for your Sign

AriesAries: The Sun moves into your sign on March 20 renewing your zest for life and bringing a welcome return of positivity, confidence, optimism and energy. The sun joins Venus and Mercury – all in your sign – making this your time. Now you can focus on the things that are important and enjoyable to you. Venus invites you to make time for pleasure and love, while Mercury encourages you to think outside the box and approach problems from a different angle. Welcome any unusual or innovative ideas; they could carry you forward into an exciting new paradigm. And with Mars now in your material zone, your energy and enthusiasm can easily be directed into getting more of what you need whether that’s money, possessions, pleasure or self-worth.

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TaurusTaurus: The presence of Mars in your sign means that you can get a lot done this week. However, with a cluster of planets in your zone of the unconscious and the past, things that aren’t helping you to move forward could come to light. You might feel a bit of a push-pull effect going on: part of you wants to get going, but another part is holding you back. It’s worth taking the time to investigate your saboteurs – your own doubt, pain from the past, or forces from the outside world. As Carl Jung said, ”When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.” You have a golden opportunity to become conscious of what is going on within your psyche and to start making it work for you instead of against you.

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GeminiGemini: The Sun’s move into Aries on March 20 is an auspicious omen for you as it joins Venus and Mercury in your zone of the future. Aside from this combination being very good for your social life and for making new and interesting friends, you should also find a growing sense of hope and optimism where your future is concerned. It’s as if a light suddenly appears at the end of the tunnel that you’ve been stuck in for so long. Be open to change since Mercury indicates the need to do things differently. Think outside the box and dare to be different. Perhaps what once seemed set in stone is no longer so. This is a good thing, as it gives you the ability to start molding and shaping your future into what you want it to be.

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CancerCancer: The Sun’s arrival at the top of your chart once again puts the emphasis on work, purpose and success and things should feel a bit easier than they have been. Perhaps you are beginning to feel more confident about achieving your goals, or maybe you are more confident about what you would like to do next. This could be a time of harvest and enjoyment in your professional life. Perhaps you would benefit from making changes or negotiating a better situation or following an innovative idea or simply being noticed and respected for what you do. Whatever it is, this is the time to make hay while the Sun shines.

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LeoLeo: The Sun’s arrival in your fellow fire sign of Aries is good news for you, signaling a much lighter vibration and increasing optimism and confidence. Gone is the heaviness of the previous weeks, and although you’ve most likely learned or experienced quite a bit, you’re probably glad now to feel that more enjoyable times are ahead. Your theme is adventure, so if you can take yourself on a trip, then do so. It’s sure to be exciting, stimulating and pleasurable. In fact, the planets are stacked up very much in your favor this week with supporting auspicious travel (short journeys and long distance), communication and creativity, as well as success in your ambitions. Wholeheartedly pursue whichever themes call to your heart and soul.

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VirgoVirgo: “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” (Napoleon Hill) As the Sun joins a cluster of planets in your zone of transformation, signs point to a rebirth. Perhaps this needs to take the form of a cleansing or a detox either physically or psychologically. Perhaps you need to confront a difficult problem or tend to a painful wound. Of course, it would be easier to avoid what you need to hear, but by having the courage to deal with the issue, you will discover, as Napoleon Hill points out, an equivalent or greater benefit.

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LibraLibra: The Sun joins Venus and Mercury in your relationship zone, turning your attention to your relations with others. Venus retrograde suggests that there’s something that needs to be resolved, so no matter what the problem is, you now have a golden opportunity to mend bridges and improve your partnerships. The presence of Mercury suggests that a solution to any problem is to take a different approach so if you’re used to playing a particular role while your partner (or the person in question) plays his or her role, try switching. A change is as good as a rest, and that’s certainly true where Mercury is concerned.

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ScorpioScorpio: The Sun’s move into Aries puts the emphasis on work and health. Perhaps there is room for improvement in either or both camps? If so, now is the ideal time to make positive changes because you’ll feel more motivated and confident to sort out things that have been slacking lately. Taking a structured approach will work very well now. Organizing your office or paperwork might be a good start and becoming more orderly with your daily routine, diet or lifestyle would also be good. It might seem that to get the best results, you need to be prepared to do things differently. If you’re bored with your job after many years of doing the same role, try to find ways to do things differently or consider a different line of work. A change is as good as a rest, and this should be your motto for the time to come.

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SagittariusSagittarius: The Sun’s move into your fun zone wipes away the heaviness from previous weeks and paints a much brighter, lighter, more frivolous picture. Now is the time to let your hair down and focus more of your energies on the things you enjoy. Accept invitations for social events, or schedule time for a creative hobby. The purpose of the Sun’s journey through the house of fun is recreation. What works for you in this sense? Do you need a holiday or a short break? Or perhaps you prefer to indulge in some artistic expression or a dose of creativity? Maybe you need some pampering and relaxation or fun with friends? Write a list of your favorite activities and make sure you do at least some of them.

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CapricornCapricorn: As the sun sails into your domestic zone, home and family life begin to take center stage. Fortunately, now that Mars is no longer here, life should start to feel more settled and peaceful. There is still the need to look at things differently and to come up with a new way of doing things that will benefit your home, family or your inner self. Cutting yourself free from something could prove to be a wise move since liberation appears to be the way forward. What do you need to be free from? What do you need to change? How can you do things differently? When all is said and done, giving your love and attention to those who matter most is what really counts.

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AquariusAquarius: The Sun’s move into Aries on March 20 marks the beginning of a very active and busy time, and it will be a challenge to keep your mind from becoming overloaded. While there may be lots of people to see, places to visit and things to do, try to make time to pause at least once in the day so that you don’t blow a fuse! If you can maintain mental equilibrium, then you will be perfectly placed to download inspired or innovative ideas and information. This is a really good time to share a message or have that conversation you have putting off. Your communication lines are well and truly open, making this the ideal time to share interesting information.

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PiscesPisces: “The universe will pay you to be yourself and do what you really love.” It’s worth contemplating Shakti Gawain’s quote on earning a living, especially if you’re not currently singing and dancing your way to work. It seems many Pisces are feeling the weight or responsibility now, and other Pisces seem to have lost their joy for their vocation. Indeed, some Pisces identify with both categories. If the joy has gone out of what you do while the pressures are becoming too much, the Sun’s arrival in your money zone (accompanied by Venus and Mercury) makes this a very good week to make changes. Life is too short to spend it bargaining your soul for security.

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