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Mars enters Cancer June 4 remaining in Cancer until July 20. Mars in Cancer emphasizes a focus on the home, household improvement or remodeling – possibly even a move to a new home or making the adjustments following a big move. Mars in Cancer represents the defenses of the emotions and the tender aspects of our being that we strive so hard to protect. Mars is a natural protector and defender but is also quite capable of offensive attack. Cancer people especially need to be aware of the potential for emotional flare ups, particularly with regard to the home.

Venus enters Taurus on Tuesday (June 6 – July 4). Venus in Taurus brings out aesthetic awareness, as well as a greater emphasis on the love of having valuable items, wealth and riches. Sensual pleasures are enhanced. Venus draws and attracts and Taurus represents material acquisitions and containment. This is the time to acquire, polish, clean and beautify the things that give us a sense of truly having something. To create beauty around oneself is to enhance a sense of well-being.

On Tuesday, Mercury enters Gemini (June 6 – June 20). Mercury is the ruling planet of two astrological signs – Gemini and Virgo. When in Gemini, Mercury is known to increase our attention to detail, and to cover a wide range of topics and subjects of interest. Mercury in Gemini directs and orchestrates information in an interesting and captivating fashion. The thing to remember is that information is not always well researched or even a correct and accurate representation of the truth. Talk, discussion, tidbits of interest, gossip and the news media all generate flash news designed to captivate one’s interest even if only for one moment.

Venus in Taurus sextile Mars in Cancer (June 9 – June 22) is a favorable aspect that brings opportunities to situations involving love and beauty. Venus emphasizes the vibrations of love, magnetism, beauty and sensuality. The Mars influence emphasizes the awareness and application of action, movement, involvement and also harnesses focuses of strength and energy. Venus reminds us to draw towards ourselves the pleasures we desire. Mars is reminding us to apply action with love.

Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 9 enhances emotional energy. For many, there is a tendency to go way out beyond their usual boundaries and discover new territory. How we choose to perceive and develop our understanding of this new territory has a lot to do with what stage in our life we have come to, and what kind of philosophy best suits our own individual needs. Profound and extraordinary realizations and events often occur during the Full Sagittarius Moon. These turning points in our lives may be very obvious, or a more subtle, but an equally important kind of shift can occur through a simple change of attitude in our outlook on life.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

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Free Weekly Horoscope for your Sign

AriesAries: Acts of violence can be verbal as well as physical. We all know the pain of being wounded by a vicious or careless remark. You can get your message across, whether it’s to someone in particular or to the world at large. However, in your excitement, you could forget the importance of speaking and listening with compassion. Don’t underestimate the power of sweet-talk to grease the wheels of success and happiness. On the other hand, it is very easy to let our enthusiasm be dampened by others’ negativity and that might be a real possibility this week as the Full Moon on June 9 highlights your desire for something better. If you come up against an obstacle in the form of a person or an event, try not to let it get you down. Successful people would never get anywhere if they listened to the negative opinions of others.

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TaurusTaurus: In life, we don’t always get what we deserve. Essentially, we get what we negotiate, so what do you need to negotiate? An increase in pay? A better deal in your relationships? Something else that’s important to you? As Venus arrives in your sign, your self-worth is about to rise, and Mercury and the Sun in your house of money make this an ideal time to put your ideas to work and to ask for what you want. Don’t sit around waiting for others to read your mind. Ask, and you might be pleasantly surprised – especially around the Full Moon on Friday.

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GeminiGemini: The Full Moon in your opposite sign on June 9 alerts you to the importance of getting real in a particular relationship. With Neptune’s influence, it might be that someone isn’t being upfront with you, and this could be the week you have to face the facts. It might help to remember that no matter how hard we try, we cannot change anyone else. It might also help to remember that other people are often mirrors for our own stuff. Although there are some hard lessons to learn this week, you will come out with something worthwhile if you’re willing to see things as they really are and not how you wish them to be.

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CancerCancer: The arrival of Mars in your sign is good news, especially if you’re in need of greater energy, motivation and enthusiasm. If you have a goal or ambition, now is the time to take action. However, with the Sun in your quiet zone, it might not yet be a case of full steam ahead, but you’ll certainly be halfway there. Perhaps it would be a good use of your time to tune in to what you would love to do by examining the insights from your dreams, feelings or intuition and then allowing those insights to ignite your enthusiasm over the next week or so. The Full Moon on June 9 brings challenges followed by resolution in the areas of your health or work. There could initially be a feeling of confusion or uncertainty as Neptune clouds the picture. However, if you do what needs to be done – facing the facts, dealing with the nitty-gritty, or accepting responsibility – clarity will emerge like a distant figure appearing through a mirage.

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LeoLeo: The Full Moon on June 9 brings to a head any fears, doubts or issues connected with fulfilling your dream of a better future. We all like to believe that what stands between us and our dreams is a lack of opportunity, be it time, money or support from others. However, when we look deeper, we may find that these are convenient excuses so that we won’t have to take a risk, make big changes or upset others who aren’t ready for us to change. You now have an opportunity to make progress with your dreams. Don’t let fear hold you back.

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VirgoVirgo: The Full Moon on June 9 brings to light an issue or challenge in your personal or professional life. As a Virgo, you like to have some kind of guarantee that the risks you take are going to be worth it or that the support you need will be there before you make a move. When you understand the power of making a bold decision and acting on it, you won’t need any external guarantees. Fear and indecision lead to confused results, so be bold, and you will find that your self-confidence is enough to melt away all barriers to success.

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LibraLibra: What limits us is rarely due to circumstance. More often than not, it’s our attitude that limits us and this is reflected in the outside world as barriers, challenges, lack of opportunity and so on. This week as the Moon grows full next to Saturn in your zone of attitude and beliefs, take a moment to consider whether you’re making excuses for why you can’t do something. When we stop growing, we begin to decay, so ask yourself what you’d love to do if only the circumstances were right. If you can’t find them, then extend yourself and go and move to create those circumstances.

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ScorpioScorpio: Let go of something that isn’t working, or try to implement a modification that will bring better results. “Out with the old and in with the new” should be your motto. The Full Moon on June 9 falls in your house of money and resources, and since it’s aligned with Saturn, things could feel rather difficult for a while. Perhaps this is the culmination of a situation that has been building for some time and it might not help that there appears to be a certain amount of confusion or fog clouding your picture. The best advice is to face the facts that are relevant and deal with any financial or material situation as it arises.

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SagittariusSagittarius: The days around the Full Moon on June 9 could feel a little strange, so don’t take things too seriously. Whatever happens this week will not be a fair reflection of how things normally are. In other words, your perceptions might be off or life might just get a little weird for a few days, but it will soon settle back to normality. If there are any lessons to take from this unusual Full Moon, it is to be strong without being rigid, and do not allow other people’s stuff or strange situations to unsettle you.

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CapricornCapricorn: You are no stranger to hard work and being productive. You should feel in your element early in the week because the focus is on working, getting things done, and organizing your life – all of which should prove rather satisfying. However, if you have overdone things either by working or doing too much for others, you could find the days around Friday’s Full Moon calling you back into balance, perhaps through tiredness, illness, or depression. These are all signs that you need to spend time alone, listening to your inner needs. Perhaps your body, mind or soul need more rest, a bit more fun or some spiritual nourishment. Whatever your soul is thirsty for will most likely be revealed pretty soon. Just be ready to respond accordingly.

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AquariusAquarius: Take stock of your existence and consider whether you’ve slipped into someone else’s vision of what your life should be. Aquarians are naturally independent and rebellious, so there should be little danger of being a second-rate version of someone else, but there might be adjustments you can make that will enable you to march more enthusiastically to your own drumbeat. The Full Moon on Friday could temporarily cast a shadow over an otherwise upbeat time. Try not to be too despondent during the time around June 9, or at least reassure yourself that any tendency to view the world through a gray lens won’t last long.

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PiscesPisces: It is not always easy to get the balance right between work and home, and this week’s Full Moon on Friday is likely to bring that dilemma about. Too many professional responsibilities could interfere with your domestic happiness, and the path ahead might seem confusing. If only you knew the right thing to do. At some level, you know what is proper, and as long as you can make some time to turn within and sense the right action, then this Full Moon won’t knock you off course.

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