Fifth Dimension is the New Normal

Angel Ariel channeled through Adria Wind Horse Estribou, reader at Center for the New Age
Psychic: Adria
When you’re in such a tremendous, colossal shift and change, when you’re in a new normal like this, it’s important to recognize where you are. It’s like if you had traveled on vacation, and you wake up and there’s a moment when you don’t really know where you are. Where you need to remind yourself by looking out the window. Or when there was a jetlag experience with time when you needed to reorient to “what time is it where I am here now?”
The more you can consciously check in with where you are through meditation, certainly, but also just by tuning in. And this could take just three seconds or less. Tuning into the vibrational experience you’re in. And this means something different to each of you. We don’t mean necessarily to be so esoteric, but for some of you the vibrational reality you are in that’s the easiest way to explain how to tune in. For others of you, it might be visually looking around, taking a few breaths, feeling what your body feels like in space and time right now. So it can be very practical like that. Just noticing things are different.
For those of you who have been playing more in fifth dimension, not so much that things are different necessarily then, but just being where you are, instead of that overlay of the habit of 20 years, 40 years of third-dimensional thinking and living.
The hard part for this transition is done. You have gone through quite a lot of physical transformation here. Quite a lot of cathartic release of trauma from ancestors, and much of that has happened through the physical body. Quite a lot of emotional release of old identity patterns. And so now it’s at a more subtle layer of just tuning in and being conscious, intentional, not to live out of the old habits—the old habits of mind and understanding about what the world is.
Because if you’re living from the old programming—let’s call it that, but we don’t mean in a computer sense just more habitually, what you learned what the world growing up here in third dimension—If you’re living from that programming or habit space, it’s going to feel more and more discordant. Like you’re walking around bumping into the furniture. And for some of you, this is literally happening. And that’s because you’re in a disconnect with where your body is and where your mind is. So if you find yourself literally bumping into walls and furniture a little bit here, as if you were sleepwalking or a little too tired, just stop and take that breath and ask yourself that question: Where am I? Because it could be that your default mental way of living in the world is on a different dimension than you are now.
We’re trying to be quite practical in describing this but the words are necessarily a little opaque here sometimes. But it really doesn’t take magical thinking or magic formulas here to bring all of you into the fifth dimension, but just consciousness. So taking a breath and resetting yourself to where you already are, looking around energetically or physically with the eyes, taking a centered moment before leaping into communication or action to recognize that you might now be on a very different plane then you used to be.
That more gentle, almost floating sense of reality is one of the hallmarks of fifth dimension. So you’ve arrived, not for the first time, but let’s say it’s not a vacation anymore. It’s your dwelling place. So you can get comfortable here and celebrate that there’s no more heavy lifting, moving and packing and discarding that needs to take place. All of those heavy, heavy layers around shifting dimensions are largely done for you.