Free Weekly Horoscope – Sunday, May 19 – Saturday, May 25, 2024

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May 19 – May 25, 2024.


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May 19th is a calm day, as the Sun in Taurus syncs up with Neptune in Pisces. This is a beautiful day to nurture your creative vision, invest in a romantic connection or to lean into your compassion. The energy is soothing and this is a great day to pamper yourself.

The cosmic weather shifts on May 20, when the Sun enters Gemini, marking the final zodiac season of spring. Gemini season is finally here! As the Sun bounces through light hearted Gemini, you’re in a more eager mood to connect with others and follow your curiosities. No matter your zodiac sign, this next week has you eager to learn from others, try new things and share your knowledge. This is a powerful time to reconnect with your voice. On May 22, the Sun in Gemini merges with Pluto in Aquarius, stirring up a sense of empowerment. You’re able to recognize your own growth and transformation. You might gain more confidence in yourself or receive recognition from a person with power. May 23 is a jam packed day. There’s a Full Moon in Sagittarius, which illuminates more important information.

And on the same day, there are three other major, planetary connections that promise blessings in abundance. Venus in Taurus connects with Jupiter in Taurus; Venus in Taurus mingles with Jupiter in Pisces; and Jupiter in Taurus sinks up with Neptune in Pisces. Luck is on your side, romance is in the air and you’re making exciting progress on some of your dreams!

Later in the day, Venus, the planet of love and balance, enters Gemini. You’re craving more adaptability in your romantic connections, and you’re eager to nurture an intellectual connection as well. People will be a little flakier, so do your best not to take any rescheduling personally.

On May 25, Jupiter enters Gemini. Watch out for information overload – Jupiter is all about expansion and Gemini is all about communication. This can stir up overthinking, and even lead to mental exhaustion, but on the bright side this is a wonderful time to share your beliefs, thoughts and ideas with others.

On the same day, Venus in Gemini mingles with Pluto in Aquarius. This is the day to talk about your kinks and share a hidden side of yourself.

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

Free Weekly Horoscope for your Sign

Aries (March 21-April 19) Weekly Horoscope:
The Sun enters Gemini on May 20, and reconnects you with your zest for life. Your social calendar is super busy and you’re probably spending more time with friends and extended family. May 23 there is a Full Moon in Sagittarius, which brings an important conversation to a close or reveals information that was previously obscured. This moment of clarity illuminates your path and helps you decide on your next steps.

The same day, Venus and Jupiter, both in Taurus, create an exceptionally lucky and abundant atmosphere. Maybe you receive a thoughtful gift from a loved one, land a dream job or upgrade your lifestyle. Plus as Jupiter links up with Neptune, both in Pisces, you’re invited to reflect on what you’re grateful for and mine your imagination and fantasies for inspiration. Later the same day, Venus enters Gemini and you’re craving more mental connections in your unions. What’s the point of dating someone who agrees with everything you said? Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25, and you’re starting a new cycle of growth, focusing on your mind, voice and skills. Someone is going from acquaintance to a close friend on May 25. A bond deepens.

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Taurus (April 20-May 20) Weekly Horoscope:
Prepare for a vibe shift: the Sun enters Gemini on May 20 and you’re ready to focus on all things practical, especially your finances. Maybe you’re saving up for something special. May 23 is the busiest day of this month and it kicks off with a Full Moon in Sagittarius bringing a financial or emotional situation to a close. On the same day, Venus and Jupiter meet in Taurus. You’re not only the main character, but you’re a magnet for opportunities, breakthroughs and blessings!

Jupiter and Neptune mingle later the same day delivering inspiration. Finally, Venus enters Gemini bringing some financial stability your way. On May 25, Jupiter enters Gemini, pay attention to your relationship with money and be intentional about your financial goals. On the same day Venus mingles with Pluto, bringing transformation or a sense of empowerment involving your professional life and sense of security. You’re feeling confident and others are noticing.

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Gemini (May 21-June 20) Weekly Horoscope:
The Sun enters Gemini on May 20, kicking off Gemini season and encouraging you to adventure and explore. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the brainiest planet. This is the time when your intellectual side comes out, you’re using your brain not your heart to make the most of your decisions. This is a great time to send important messages and start viral conversations, because your feelings are less likely to muddle up what you’re thinking and how you’re saying it.

Once the Sun enters Gemini on May 20, this will mark the start of other planets mass migration into your sign. Things will start to go better, and you’ll feel more energetic and optimistic. Venus will enter Gemini on May 23, which is always marvelous – Venus brings fun, love and parties. Venus can also amp up your charisma. May 25 will be the biggest event of the month for you, it is the day good fortune. Jupiter enters Gemini and you’ll be entering your emerald year and be presented with a plethora of opportunities. You will meet many new people, you will travel more often and your career will receive a boost.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22) Weekly Horoscope:
The Sun enters Gemini on May 20, putting you in a private mood. You have a lot to celebrate, but all your hard work has left you feeling depleted. This is time to recharge by spending time alone and prioritizing your spiritual and mental health. On May 23, the Full Moon in Sagittarius marks an important shift in your daily routine – maybe you’re breaking a bad habit or going to work after a leave of absence.

Later in the day, Jupiter and Neptune nestle up together, and you could receive the opportunity of a lifetime. Venus enters Gemini at the tail end of the day. You might be dreaming of old lovers, or spending time in solitude. Resting and recharging are a priority. As Venus enters Gemini, you feel like you’re in the right place at the right time. You might also be called on to give back, volunteer or see more of the world. Deep healing interactions in your closest relationships take place on the same day, when Venus links up with Pluto. Today, no topic is off-limits, and you’re ready to bare your soul.

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Leo (July 23-August 22) Weekly Horoscope:
The Sun enters Gemini on May 20, putting you in a grateful mood and reminding you that friendships and community fill your cup. The vibes are excellent, so don’t waste them. Draft that book proposal, or set up your Etsy store! May 23 is an incredibly jampacked day, beginning with a Full Moon in Sagittarius. A creative project or romantic relationship might reach a turning point. On the same day, Venus and Jupiter meet up and this can make you feel like the star of the show. Don’t be shy and ask for what you’re really worth!

Later in the day, Jupiter mingles with Neptune, giving you a sense of deep gratitude for your loved ones. You could also learn about a contract or opportunity. Toward the end of the day, Venus enters Gemini and puts you in a position for luck to find you. You are eager to socialize with friends, double date or attend concerts and festivals. On May 25, Jupiter enters Gemini, bringing you support for your next set of hopes and dreams for your future. Long-term friendships can begin to blossom. On the same day, Venus, links up with Pluto, bringing someone influential into your sphere. You might be ready to sign a contract or embark on a collaborative project.

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Virgo (August 23-September 22) Weekly Horoscope:
The Sun enters Gemini on May 20, putting you under the microscope. This Gemini season brings more attention and recognition your way – so this is your time to put yourself out there and ask for what you want! May 23 is the busiest day of the month, and kicks off with a Full Moon in Sagittarius. You might be moving, re-organizing your home or having an important conversation with a family member.

Later in the day, Venus and Jupiter meet up, and your skills are on display with auspicious opportunities landing in your DM‘s. On the same day Jupiter mingles with Neptune, and this can be an incredibly romantic planetary connection that encourages you and a lover to take the next step together, or perhaps you’re solidifying a creative partnership. Toward the end of the day, Venus enters Gemini gracing a very public sector of your chart, bringing fortune your way. You may feel grateful for the life you’ve cultivated.

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Libra (September 23-October 22) Weekly Horoscope:
The Sun enters Gemini on May 20, and you’re done with all of the emotional heavy lifting you’ve been handling over the past few weeks. You’re ready to see the glass half full again. You’re done with your same old every day routine. On May 23, the Full Moon in Sagittarius is a big day for decision making. You’re figuring out the next steps on your path to reach that milestone. On the same day Venus and Jupiter team up and exciting financial news makes its way to you. You’re feeling more grateful and grounded.

When Jupiter mingles with Neptune later in the day, a new part of your daily routine feels deeply fulfilling and meaningful. To cap off the day, Venus enters Gemini. You might have important conversations with romantic partners. This is also a time that your ideas and thoughts are charming to others. You can also experience more bliss in your life through travel, learning something new, or pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. On May 25, Jupiter enters Gemini, bringing publishing and travel opportunities your way. Think about speaking at a conference or on a podcast. On the same day, Venus syncs up with Pluto and you’re having pivotal conversations regarding your creative dreams or romantic life. There’s adventure in the air!

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Scorpio (October 23-November 21) Weekly Horoscope:
The Sun enters Gemini on May 20 and you might start to feel like you’re moving through some emotional quicksand. This is a powerful time for processing fears, grief, shame or guilt – and extending yourself and others compassion and forgiveness. Financially, this is an important time to address any debt, have discussions with partners regarding shared resources, or take on new projects or contracts.  May 23 begins with the Full Moon in Sagittarius and a financial situation is coming to a head. You might be asking for a promotion or considering leaving your company.

On the same day, Venus and Jupiter join together and this is your greenlight to tell someone you love them, apply for that job, or book a dream vacation. Next Jupiter and Neptune sync up, merging your dreams and aspirations with tangible results and growth that stir up an incredibly creative, romantic vibe. Finally, the day closes out with Venus moving into Gemini and you’re encouraged to share your vulnerable side with people you trust. This transition also brings some financial relief or new work prospects. On May 25, Jupiter enters Gemini and you might be dealing with taxes, inheritance, grief or loss. There is also the potential for your savings to increase or for you to learn some transformative work possibilities. On the same day, Venus mingles with Pluto and it’s possible that a family member or loved one offers support or a life-changing gift. This is also a poignant day for emotional healing. Raw and honest conversations lead to a strengthening of ties in your closest connections.

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Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Weekly Horoscope:
The Sun enters Gemini on May 20, putting your focus on your close one-on-one relationships. Singles might be ready to make a romantic commitment and couples are focusing on their beloveds. Someone important in your life may ask for more of your time and support. On May 23, the Full Moon kicks off in your sign. This makes you a little more emotional as you reflect on major aspects of your life and identity. This can also bring an important turning point to one of your close one-on-one relationships, whether you’re ready to take the next step or end the connection.

Venus and Jupiter meet up on the same day, bringing a celebratory energy and potential to make major progress on a project. Next Jupiter and Neptune nestle up next to one another in a supportive sextile aspect. If you’re hoping to make a change in your daily life or living situation, these two giants can bring some of those dreams to a reality. Finally, Venus enters Gemini near the end of the day, bringing good news in business and exciting developments in your love life. Use that boost of magnetism to go after who and what you want! On May 25, Jupiter enters Gemini, bringing luck and expansion to the relationship sector of your birth chart. Singles could meet someone noteworthy and couples could make a major commitment to one another. This astrology supports your relationships, but also pushes you outside of your comfort zone. On the same day, Gemini connects with Pluto, setting the stage for heart opening conversations that deepen your connections and leave you feeling transformed.

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Capricorn (December 22-January 19) Weekly Horoscope:
The Sun enters Gemini on May 20, and you’re taking all of your recent creative downloads and waves of inspiration, and putting them into practice. Your schedule is going to get busier as you take on more responsibility. May 23 takes off the Full Moon in Sagittarius, asking you to slow down, feel and heal. It may illuminate information that has been previously obscured or shine a light on something or someone you’ve outgrown. This is a moment of contemplation, which can feel emotionally taxing. On the same day, Venus and Jupiter link up and you’re feeling especially romantic and creative. Exciting opportunities or invitations arrive and leave you feeling hopeful.

On the same day, Jupiter syncs up with Neptune, delivering news that could help make some of your fantasies into a reality. Finally, towards the end of the day, Venus enters Gemini giving you support in your daily routine. You’re better able to balance all of your personal and professional responsibilities. You might meet someone of interest in a mundane place like a grocery store or gas station. On May 25, Jupiter enters Gemini and you might be taking on a project that will require a lot of effort, but ultimately will be worth it. Start setting boundaries around how much you can take on for others. On the same day, Venus meets with Pluto and maybe you learn about a new job opportunity that can offer more financial stability. Your sense of security is shifting and it’s leaving you feeling more empowered.

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Aquarius (January 20-February 18) Weekly Horoscope:
The Sun enters Gemini on May 20 putting you back in a sociable and outgoing mood. If you’re single, you’re ready to put yourself back out there, while couples are focusing on exploring their physical connection and spark. You might also notice that you were receiving more attention, so use it to your advantage. It could be time to apply for that dream job. May 23 is a chaotic day, starting with the Full Moon in Sagittarius. This brings a moment of culmination to something you’ve been working on. This is a lucky day for chance meetings and mingling with people who can help bring your dreams to life.

On the same day, Venus and Jupiter sync up in Taurus and there’s news worth celebrating in your personal life – maybe you’re moving in with the lover or landing that dream job. The deep well of gratitude continues, when Jupiter mingles with Neptune. You’re recognizing who sees you for who you really are and feeling grateful for the stability this offers you. You could also learn some news about a potential dream gig, or receive a sentimental gift from a loved one. Later in the day, Venus enters Gemini, making you extra lucky. Your charm and magnetism draw in others, leaving them wanting more. This is your cosmically lucky time to put yourself and your work out there. On May 25, Jupiter enters Gemini and you’re reconnecting with your joy and gratitude on a deeper level. Some of your personal desires are beginning to manifest, and you may also experience a string of romantic flings. On the same day, there’s more vulnerability in some of your romantic ties, as Venus meets with Pluto. You’re not afraid to share your shadow side, and this could lead to a stronger emotional and physical connection. You might also be presented with some opportunities that vibe with your personal goals.

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Pisces (February 19-March 20) Weekly Horoscope:
The Sun enters Gemini on May 20, putting you in a more private mood. You’re focusing on recuperating from all of the socializing you did during Taurus season. You’re focusing on spending time with your chosen family and investing your energy into your home. As an added bonus, you might receive some exciting professional or personal opportunities. May 23 is a busy day, taking off with a Full Moon in Sagittarius. You’re ready to close that chapter and you might be feeling sentimental and sensitive. Both your professional and personal lives are busier than ever. This could be a turning point on the goal you’ve been working towards.

Uplifting and supportive news makes its way to you on the same day, when Venus and Jupiter meet up. You could land an opportunity that feels like a dream come true or maybe you’re celebrating a milestone with friends, like an engagement or graduation. This is the day to apply for that job you’ve always wanted, to ask for a raise, or take a risk in the name of one of your dreams!  Later the same day, Jupiter connects with Neptune. You might sign an exciting contract today or you’re ready to bring a creative hobby to life. This is a powerful day for manifestation, so work your magic! Towards the end of the day Venus enters Gemini, bringing your attention to your chosen family and living situation. If you’re searching for an apartment or new roommate, this transit can bring someone or something worthwhile into your orbit. On May 25, Jupiter enters Gemini, and your main focus is on your living situation and family relationships. This could be an exciting time for buying or selling a home or even expanding your family. Venus mingles with Pluto on the same day, and you are ready to share a new side of yourself with someone important and your life interactions, feel right, vulnerable and healing today.

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