Magical Potions

For many, many hundreds of years, people have infused herbal combinations with pure water for use in religious rites and rituals. Magical Potions can be made to bring forth health, emotional balance, love, success, wealth – you name it! Potions can be either sipped, sprinkled, added to the bath or infused into the air by steam. They are used to conjure anything from passionate love to warding off all types of negative energy. Using magical potions is a very effective way to bring about personal transformations.

Nature provides each ingredient necessary to produce any kind of potion, elixir or balm. All one needs to do is combine them with the correct intent. Our planet and everything on her is alive and has its own “expression.” When you study and learn the medicinal and magical properties of different herbs, you gain the ability to properly combine them for specific results. You learn which herbs work well with one another, which ones amplify on another and which ones don’t like to be near another.

Focus, or concentrated intent, is most important in being successful with conjuring magical potions. The more time and energy you put into your potion, the stronger are its effects. Magical potions truly work because of the natural ability of the herbs and the manner in which the potions are made.

Herbs need to be harvested at the correct time of the year, and correct time of day. Some are projecting their peak strength more in the morning than in the afternoon. Therefore, it is important that if you are buying the herbs and not gathering them yourself, you get them from a reliable shop that has taken this fact into account. Of course, get them organic if at all possible.

When preparing any type of herbal concoction, it is important that not just any metal pot or utensils be used. Metal changes the constituents of the herbs and will destroy their potency. Stainless steel is acceptable; Visions glassware or heavy enamel is choice.

Water needs to be from the cleanest, purest source possible. Live water such as well, spring or non-polluted river water is the best. Bottled water is okay but never used distilled water for a magical potion because it is “blank.”

Fragrant barks and woods are placed onto hot coals that release their scents and powers which amplify the magical properties of the herbs to be used in a magical potion.

Phase of the moon plays an important role as well. The type of potion that is made during the waxing moon (going from new to full) will be one that brings success in your undertakings and prosperity. However, if you want to release fear or let go of a relationship that is no longer working out, you will work with a waning moon phase (from after full to dark moon). Full moons are for love potions and self empowerment. Dark moons are for banishing negative habits.

The magical potions are placed under the moon for a time period ranging from a half hour to all night. If you are creating a potion that needs the full or dark moon, place the potion a half to a full hour before the actual time occurs of the full or dark moon, and remove the potion not more than five minutes after this precise moment. Put your potion in a glass or quartz crystal bowl that has no design or writing engraved upon it. The reason for this is that any pattern could, on a vibrational level, influence your potion and unless you specifically want this to occur, this is not good. Put a piece of fine mesh over the top of the bowl to stop any debris from getting inside. Place the gemstone specific to the task in the bowl during the time it “cooks” under the moon or is being charged by the sun.

Sun “charges” your potion. A half to a full hour before high noon, put you magical potions in the sun and let them “charge.” Take them in to be bottled not more than 5 minutes after the high noon point. This will strengthen the potency of your potion.

Gemstones have medicinal and magical properties and can be used in your potions. If you choose not to use the moon or sun as part of your preparation, the gemstone can be put into the pot during the infusion stage of making the magical potion. The gemstone chosen must not have any glue or chemicals on it. The uncut or unpolished gems are the best to work with as they are in their most natural form, but these are not always as easy to find. In either case, put your stone in sea salt and water for an hour before using it. This procedure will remove any unwanted vibrational energy attached to the stone and will properly prepare if for magical use.

Copper is magnetically energizing and will raise the frequency at which the potion is vibrating. The raising of the frequency of your potion allows the magical intent to vibrate directly into your body at the cellular level. The potion literally becomes a part of you. Place the finished magical potion under a copper pyramid with quartz crystals and lodestones around the outer edge for 2 hours. If you are unable to find a copper pyramid, pieces of copper will work just fine.

Quartz crystal singing bowls will also add potency. There are different tones that can be directly vibrated into your potions for healing and inducing change. There is a direct link between different parts of the body and the sound emitted by the bowls. Crystal bowl music can be programmed to enter the potion and re-pattern it on the cellular level to accomplish the desired change for which the potion is being made.