War or Peace

War or PeaceWar or Peace

Is peace on Planet Earth really possible? This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day. A day when we thank our brothers and sisters who fought for our freedom. There is something really wrong with this. And yet I have bought into Patriotism along with the rest of you. I’m thankful to be free and think the only way to have it is to war against other human beings. Where did we get this idea? When where we taught to hate? When and who decided that we all had to think the same and have the same experience? It seems to have been happening on the planet forever. We were taught to hate the Native Americans, the French, the Germans, and the British. The list goes on and on. And then it became OK not to hate them.
As long as there is hate there will be revenge and revenge will never bring us peace. Is peace fiction? Can we really get everyone to want the same thing? No two people on the planet have the same world view. Our ego says, “I’ll feel better when you want the same things I want, then I’ll be at peace.” Is this really the game we came here to play? And if you don’t want the same things or if you’re using the resources I need for my survival, then I’ll destroy you because I know there will not be enough for me. And I have a view of a lifestyle and yours lifestyle doesn’t fit into it so off the planet you go.
One of Hitler’s followers once said” People can always be talked into following the leader of any cause. It Patriotic”. Most of us are sheep. It’s easier. Or we could refuse to be instruments of non-peace. Einstein Said, “I am not only a pacifist, I am a militant pacifist.” President Jack Kennedy once said” The most important function of the President is to keep us out of war”. And so who are we choosing to follow. What if we refuse to go to war? Makers of war let go of your oars.
Peace has to start somewhere. Your happiness is only about alignment with who you are. You can refuse to be an instrument of non-peace by aligning to a vibration that feels only love unconditionally because we are all in this together and the truth is that the world has enough resources for all of us. If we spent money on food instead of war and weapons of mass destruction we might have well fed healthy brains instead of blinding hunger. So there are new choices to be made. For us to choose differently we must feel differently. When you feel good it’s easy to send peace and love. When billions of individuals vibrate in love, that vibration can spread.
So how can we get there from here? By mastering a superior way of living for ourselves. Not waiting for our government to change. Not listening to the news that broadcasts war to us every day. While we focus on the problem, we keep creating it.

Now spirit is all I see, so it will be only what I create.

All sources of worry, no longer come up for me. What will be, will be. Now the world looks like a more peaceful place. By keeping my vibration in alignment, I see only ecstasy and so that is what I create. Remove hate from your vocabulary. Those who hate war, perpetuate war. Your inner sense of peace will be a beacon of light. And when we have enough beacons, we will have peace.


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