What are the 12 Zodiac Signs?


12 Zodiac Signs

Who among us doesn’t know that there are 12 zodiac signs or know their own Sun sign? In this day and age it’s likely that even your grandmother now knows if she’s a Taurus and might enlighten you about how that relates to her! I’m glad we’ve reached this stage, and there is much more to the thrilling adventure.
So many think that sun signs are all we are, and also determine our compatibility with others. Yet some people don’t feel like their Sun sign. Well what house is it in? For example, if in the tenth, the natural Capricorn house, career may likely shine or you could be in the public eye, even if you’re a Pisces, usually thought of as shy and more creative than most Capricorn workhorses. So you may be energizing the Pisces available characteristic of actor/actress, who becomes Capricorn tenth house potential of well known.
If your Capricorn Sun sign is in the twelfth house, the natural Pisces house, you may only feel comfortable behind the scenes, even if a Capricorn, usually liking to actively take charge. So you may do the Capricorn red tape required in a Piscean type sensitive compassionate environment, as sun sign Capricorn CEO of a Piscean type situation; i.e. charity to help others in need.
Did you know that your Moon sign is of equal or more importance in revealing who you really are, and what emotional bags you brought with you on this life’s journey, to resolve? The Moon reveals your past life influences, which are amazing to learn about, always resonate making complete sense to you, and the enlightenment is key to your current life. PS, having the same moon sign as your mate’s sun sign is a very good sign!
The zodiac sign that Mercury was in at your moment of birth gives insight as to how you think and speak. Couples who both communicate with fixed signs, for instance, aren’t having it as easy as when at least one person thinks with a mutable/flexible zodiac sign.
We all know and love Venus, the sign of the feminine, defining what we love and how we love, as well as our feelings about money. One may live part or all of their life thinking and believing that money is everything and open to obtaining it deceitfully, while another may feel it’s secondary to integrity, etc.
You may be Sun sign nurturer, family-loving Cancer ready to settle and mother from an early age, yet have Venus love like a flirty, fickle, fun-in-the-moment Gemini flitting from relation to relation. Or be sun sign Gemini, charming, smart and restlessly juggling busy schedules, with Venus in Cancer wanting nothing more than to settle, have children and be the great mother.
Look for my Part 2 when we’ll complete by looking at the rest of the 12 zodiac signs, plus reveal more miraculous secrets of the heavens!
Happy Lunar Eclipse Monday, June 4. Where you have fourteen degrees Sagittarius in your birth chart is how and in what part of your life it will play with you. Always be positive and you win the game of life. PS there’s room enough for us all to win! See you with Part 2 right around the corner, and feel free to contact me personally. Love, Rachel Star of Sedona


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