What are Crystal Balls?

Crystal BallCrystal balls…

They conjure up visions of gypsies, witches and magicians, but the energies of a crystal ball are much more. They are instruments of divination, focal points for obtaining information on a paranormal level.
As with any crystal that comes into your life, crystal balls just seem to “call out to you.” There is something in the frequency of the crystal that you chose –or that chooses you –that is needed to enhance your vibration –raise it to a higher level –so you can access information more easily. The larger the crystal ball, the stronger the energies; and a larger crystal ball will give you a bigger area in which to observe whatever you need to see.

Cleaning your Crystal Ball

Before using your crystal ball, you should clean it with mild soap and water and then place it in either the sunlight or moonlight to energize it. The ball will be free of extraneous energies and will be ready for your unique imprint. After working with your crystal ball for a while, or just holding it, you begin to share a frequency and feel more comfortable.
To begin a crystal ball reading, light one or two candles in a darkened, quiet room. Place the crystal ball on a stand, on a table, or you can hold it, but it should have a dark blue or black velvet cloth underneath it. Make sure that there are no reflections from anything showing in the ball. Before beginning, center yourself. Gaze into the ball, but do not stare. Try not to blink that much. While you are gazing, breathe in and out slowly and deeply.
Just relax and gaze. Enjoy the peacefulness and simply gaze. Do this for at least 15 minutes, and increase your time by 5 minutes with each succeeding session. Usually around the second or third session, you will notice a small cloudy glow in the center of your crystal ball. This is your focusing area where your visions will appear.
Gazing into a clear crystal ball opens the third eye and allows the reader to see images that appear physical as well as others that are non-physical. One is focusing the mind and seeing beyond. The name given to this practice is “Scrying,” a method of divination that consists of gazing into a crystal ball, mirror, water or any reflective surface, in order to enter an altered state of consciousness. Altered states allow one to get in touch with the subconscious mind which often contains knowledge the conscious mind is unable –or unwilling –to access . If your eyes appear to cross from gazing too long, relax and start again. It takes time and practice and the ability to relax the mind.

Reading your Crystal Ball

Colors, symbols, everything you see has meaning and must be interpreted based on the individual involved, whether you are the subject yourself or you are “reading” for someone else. You can get actual visions of places and people, or you can get symbolic pictures. The interpretation of colors varies, but generally,
– blue symbolizes success in career or business
– gold symbolizes prosperity, steady cash flow and renewed romance to come
– gray symbolizes ill fortune
– black symbolizes negativity coming one’s way
– green symbolizes hidden aggression and anger, troubled emotions
– red symbolizes danger to come; this person must watch themselves
– silver symbolizes troublesome times ahead followed by goodness
– white symbolizes very good fortune to come
– yellow symbolizes upcoming obstacles.
Shapes can be recognizable or can be archetypes of something connected to the subject. The larger the image appears in the crystal ball, the closer the time line for it to manifest in the third dimension, and the more important the information is. Images may be stationary or may appear to move. They may move around the crystal ball as if showing a scene or they may look flat or even be holographic.
Breathe deeply and clear your mind. As you concentrate on the ball, patterns will develop. Do not try to interpret visions immediately, but allow them to flow into your mind. If you started with specific questions, look for the sequence of symbols that may answer them. Try not to see only what you want to see, but continue looking into the crystal for the true answers. It is your own subconscious that is speaking to you, if you relax and take the time to listen.

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