What is Channeling?



The phenomenon that has come to be known as channeling within the past 25 years, actually appeared in many early civilizations.
One of the most famous channeling events in history was the Oracle at Delphi in ancient Greece . The Oracle did not have exceptional skills as a psychic; however, when she was poised over the vapors of a deep cavern in the cave at Delphi , she would go into a trance state and give accurate predictions.
In our modern world of spiritual awakening, channeling has taken many forms. The channel is a vehicle through which a message, usually of a spiritual nature, is transmitted to our world. By bringing themselves into a totally relaxed meditative state, they allow themselves to become neutral to allow another being control over their personality. Essentially, their personality is on hold and another spirit takes over their mind and body.
A channel can be differentiated from a medium. A medium is a person who brings through messages for people usually from their departed loved ones. The messages are personal and have meaning only to the individuals seeking comfort from those who have gone to the other side. A channel, on the other hand, brings through messages from highly evolved spiritual teachers such as St. Germaine; angelic beings, i.e. Archangel Michael; and what may be thought of as extraterrestrial beings who call themselves various names including “the Council of 12” or the “Assembly of Light .”
Channeled messages are usually meant for those interested in understanding the change in consciousness that is happening to many individuals on the planet today. Many of our great contemporary teachings have come to us through this source, the ability to communicate with consciousness that is beyond the physical Earth plane. For example, A Course in Miracles, the works of Alice Bailey, and Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch all came to us via the skill of channeling and are accepted mainstream works of spiritual greatness.
There are several levels of channeling work. Some individuals are known as full body channels. Edgar Cayce is a famous example. In this type of channeling, the person bringing through the message is usually lying down, is not in a conscious state, and does not remember the communications.
Trance channeling occurs when a person goes into a deeply relaxed state but may be sitting up or even walking around. They may or may not remember what has been said through them. J.Z. Knight was a housewife from Washington State . She would go into an altered state, jerked and twisted until settled with the spirit taking over her body. What came forth were New Age messages in a man’s voice with a strong unmistaken English accent. This was “Ramtha” who claimed to be a 35,00 year old Lemurian warrior.
The next level involves what has been termed “conscious channeling.” When this occurs, the channel may appear to be in the everyday waking state, talking to clients and seems to be unaffected. Yet, these channels also bring through profound information that can help people heal and transform their lives.
The number of people throughout the world who channeled in the late 1970’s when it first became prominent, could be counted on one hand. Today, as the consciousness of the planet has opened, hundreds of reputable channels have surfaced. Like any work that inspires awe and respect, there are also frauds. There are two ways to discern the validity of a channel. First, it must have just “happened” to the channel. Those who started channeling without seeking it out are usually coming from a pure source. Secondly, if you feel good, happy, inspired or energized from the transmission, it is another indication it is coming from a good source.


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