Lake Powell Spiritual Adventure

I’m Psychic – you’re psychic too! Come sail with us and develop your psychic self under the guidance of Sedona’s First lady of second sight – Anita Dalton, founder of Sedona’s Center for the New Age. Four days, three nights on a luxurious house boat among uncharted canyon waterways of mystical Lake Powell. You’re true self is in constant communication with all that is, was or has yet to appear in this world. Learn the art of seeing beyond your current horizons. Come sail with us beyond the world of time and space.
Free from distraction, Psychic senses naturally emerge. With Anita’s guidance, you will recognize natural abilities and learn to enhance and direct them.
In addition, all will participate in a exploration of the nature of true self with Tom Carroll, author of, The Oracle. Timeless questions crafted to unmask limited thinking, opening your true self to all that is – including your psychic abilities.
Stay loose with morning yoga led by Karen and enjoy the incredible scenery as Captain Bob guides our ship of self and scenic discovery across the beautiful waters of Lake Powell.
State rooms and space limited, (shared bath, bed), so book early.
Prices start at $2,950.00. All meals and transportation from Sedona included. This first ever, one of a kind spiritual journey requires a minimum of eight (8), serious student participants. Respond early to secure a berth and allow us to finalize planning.
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About the Center for the New Age

Spirit guided us to this special place which centuries earlier was used by ancient people as a ceremonial site. We were guided by Spirit to open the Center at this place which is now the heart of spirituality in Sedona.

We’ve searched the globe and pulled the most accurate Psychics and Healers and amazing Massage-Therapists from all over the world who have come here to be part of this special community, whose energy makes them even more psychic. Their services are offered at the Center daily and by phone at (928) 282-2085.

Center for the New Age
341 State Route 179
across from Tlaquepaque
Sedona, AZ 86336-6111

888-881-6651 Free
928-282-2085 Main
928-282-7220 Concierge