Anita & Robert’s Lake Powell Adventure

Lake PowellNo matter how enlightened we think we are the universe keeps reminding us of our humanness. June 28th was my Birthday. Now Madison says, just before your Birthday your vibration is really off. I must say, I was not feeling myself. Not sick, just not right. It felt as if I was not in my body. I was confused and disoriented. We went to the Grand Canyon with Robert’s sister and her Minister husband. I was in vibrational overload the whole day. It was hot and thousands of tourists from all over the world were crowding everywhere. The mixture of all the different languages sounded like a hive of bees buzzing. The next day we were planning to go to Lake Powell. Robert, in his very organized Virgo manner, was trying to get me to establish our plans for that day. Plans and I somehow don’t go together, so I let him decide.
Next morning we set out for Lake Powell a little behind schedule since I still was not totally present. The PLAN was to go to Antelope Marina where they had the perfect boat for our day cruise. Robert was under the impression we were only there for the day and wanted to make the most of our time on the lake. I however had turned the whole experience over to my intuition, and we all know what that’s like. People plan and God Laughs. So when we arrived at Powell, I told Robert to drive to the other Marina at Wahweap. Confused but wanting to please me on my Birthday, he complied. You see, all the way there I had been dreaming of being on a houseboat like I have in previous years.
I had been calling the different marinas on the way up requesting a house boat for the day and they kept explaining to me that they only rented houseboats for three days. But I was convinced that if I went in person I could get them to change their mind. Robert thinking I had lost my mind was trying to be patient, but upset with not following the Plan. Alas we arrived at the Marina, where a very nice person again explained to me the three day minimum. She saw my disappointment and agreed to speak to her supervisor. But to no avail. So we left to follow the original plan of a deck cruiser at Antelope. I called and they assured me it was still available. Since our time was getting shorter on the lake. We decided to check in to the Days Inn instead of driving back to Sedona that evening.
We finally got to Antelope and trekked all our stuff, cooler, towels and the like, down the steep hill to the boat rental. Imagine Robert’s horror, when they told us they had no more boats available. They just rented the last one two minutes ago. Ooops! What now? As I turned to leave I saw a boat that resembled a houseboat. I said “What about that boat”. Oh well, she said, I think it is available, but it’s a houseboat and only goes 11 miles an hour “.And can I have it for the rest of the day only.” “Well yes, I guess so”…OK we’ll take it.
All is well that ends well. Not really. I had blown the whole plan according to Robert. Although I was superbly happy cruising along the amazing Navajo Canyon at the leisurely pace, he had another experience in mind. He likes fast boats. So this caused a little rift in his vibration. And while I tried to explain and smooth it over, he was just not having it. By the end of the day, his vibration was overtaking my vibration and now we were both angry. By the time we got back to the boat dock, I was fuming. So they tried to call for a shuttle for us. When no one answered, they suggested we walk to the next station and catch the shuttle there. Just as it pulled up, another family jumped ahead of us and filled the cart. I asked the driver how long would we have to wait for the next shuttle, she said she would return in 5 minutes. She never did. I used the call box at the dock and requested another shuttle. They told me ten minutes. Half an hour later, I saw one approaching. Since another family was waiting, I jumped on the tram before it even stopped. When we got to the top, I asked if the driver would take us to our car. He rudely said he wasn’t allowed.
By the time we got to the hotel we were crazy. The good news is we were aware of what we had created. Our negative energy was creating a negative response. We were attracting exactly what we were putting out. We decided to change our vibration. We both took showers and started over. The rest of the evening went very pleasant. We even found this great band in a parking lot and danced and sang.
Next morning, we woke in loving happy energy. We were both on the same page and so our creation looked very different. We got the “fast boat” and had a marvelous day. The same people, who were rude and uncooperative the day before, were now pleasant and couldn’t do enough for us. What changed? We did. We changed our VIBRATION.
We have to be very careful as light workers to keep our energy fields clean and positive. Not taking on other people’s energy can be challenging. Especially if you’re not AWARE. I tell new readers when they come to the Center, not to hang out with any other readers. Some people think Madison is unfriendly, because she doesn’t socialize. She’s not. She’s protecting her energy field not only from you, but also from your clients. Because you are so open and sensitive, you can be easily affected by a lower vibration. The lighter you get, the more susceptible you are. That’s why sensitive people sometimes have addiction issues. It can be uncomfortable to be in a relationship or friendship with someone else of a lower vibration. So we densify our own energy with alcohol, food or drugs. If we are aware of that, we may have to choose different friends or distance ourselves from those energies. It’s a good practice to sage your room after each client and to take a hot bath in epson salts at the end of your day.
I used to take my whole family and friends to Lake Powell. After three days being surrounded in a small space, with every ones drama and energy, I felt frazzled and depleted. So I decided not to do that anymore. The last three years, I’ve pretty much gone alone or with one other person. The energy in Powell is much like Sedona and intensifies everything that’s going on with you. I even felt a little guilty this time as all my grandchildren were in town and I didn’t take them. I had to put me first. I think I’m finally getting healthy.
Relationships can be very challenging when you don’t know who you are. Ancient shamans retreated to caves in mountain tops to protect their energy. However, even the Dali Lama had to come off his mountain top and do relationship with the rest of the world. Yes we are one and we’re all in this together for a reason. If we learn to understand each other instead of judging, then we learn more about us. And by changing us, we can change the whole us. Over the years, I have watched this Center and the consciousness of the people who worked here, grow and change many lives. We still have work to do, but we are light years ahead of where we use to be. So keep up the good work. And remember, many are chosen, but few choose to accept the challenge. Those of you who have, have had a commitment to be the very best you can be. Never forget the power of God that flows through you. Namaste.


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