When's the last time you went to Slide Rock?

Slide RockA local person came in the Center and had a reading. She told Gigi, “I have lived here for years and never came in here. I love it.” Well yesterday my family and I went to Slide Rock in Oak Creek Canyon. As a local I have been there a couple of times, but I have to say, I haven’t been there in over fifteen years. It’s one of the tourist places I just avoid because I think there’s too much traffic and crowds. I can’t remember the last time I was uptown. Occasionally I might walk across the street to Tlaquepaque, but only to get take out. I asked an employee at New Frontier, “When was the last time you went to Slide Rock?” She hadn’t been there since she was twelve years old. Then she asked, “How much does it cost?” When we lived here years ago there was no cost. There were also no bathrooms, no parking lot, and no Market.
So things have changed to say the least. In a lot of instances however, they’ve gotten better. The restaurants and food has gotten better. Uptown is definitely more tourist friendly. So maybe we should revisit some of the “tourist attractions.’ I remember when I lived in San Diego. Someone ask me if I would miss the beach. Actually, I never went to the beach. I mean we live in the most beautiful place and we don’t ask time to enjoy the attractions people from all over the world come here to see.
We have the best Psychics in the world here in Sedona. I was psychic before I came to Sedona, but not as psychic as I am here. Why? It’s the vortex energy. It’s a real phenomenon. Its and actual electrical vibration that increases the intensity of whatever is going on with you. That’s why so many psychics and artists come here. The energy is conducive to our vibration.
Slide Rock is actually one of the Vortexes, although the Vortex Tour people don’t bill it as such. It’s a little out of the way for the tour people to make it profitable. Especially when you can easily find it yourself. It’s a beautiful scenic drive half way up Oak Creek Canyon. There is plenty of parking, picnic tables, clean bathrooms and a Market just in case you forgot your water shoes.
Let’s talk about the water shoes. As its name suggests, it is slippery. As the cool water from the mountain snow melt slivers down the canyon red rocks, there is a green like moss that accumulates on the rock. Bare feet make it almost impossible to navigate the twists and turns. The water is clean and clear and the rocks sliding experience exhilarating. People of all ages are enjoying the different levels of water and rapids. There are also some high cliffs and deep water for diving. I don’t recommend the fifty foot cliffs if you’re not an experienced diver. There are many trees and shady spots, but don’t forget the sunscreen. There are no lifeguards. Although the forest service people and friendly and very helpful. They kept asking me where I was from and seemed shocked when I said Sedona.
The area was once a family apple orchard. The Pendley family occupied the still standing two homes on the property. There is a barn, or apple processing building with some old farm equipment and several run down tourist cottages from the old days. the land was settled by Frank Pendley in 1907 and was homsteaded in 1910. Frank developed an irrigation system that is still used to this day. Slide Rock State Park is one of Arizona’s most visited tourist attraction.
All in all, it’s a very pleasant experience. But it’s not a water park; it’s a lot more rustic. And a word of caution, the rocks are not made of rubber. Enjoy

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