Understanding How it All Works by Ron McLain

LifeUnderstanding How it All Works
By Ron McLain
This is an excerpt from the book I am writing called
“The Common Sense Universe”
I have been teaching about the land, the Native people and the animal totems for nearly 35 years. I have worked with the Hopi, the Navajo, Crow and Cherokee people and taught about the Medicine Wheel all during this time. I studied with teachers about using psychic powers, healing, distance viewing, shape shifting and using the animal cards for divination.
People come to see me about difficult things that are occurring in their lives both in their emotional and spiritual worlds. We then look for the issues that are at the heart of those matters and try to find the simplest and most direct methods to help solve them.
Since everything is made of energy we often times can approach the problem strictly from an energy standpoint, using shamanic techniques to release and remove any energy that is out of balance or blocking the flow.
I point out where they can come back into alignment with their harmony by providing a perspective that they are too close to the situation to see. This is when my psychic ability can assist them in releasing old negative emotions and illuminating the positive aspects of the past, present and future.
By being a Shaman I have learned that observing Nature around us can also offer clues and symbolism to help us understand the principles operating in everyday life. Since we are a vital part of Nature and literally born from Nature we are interacting every day with it. When we see different birds, animals, insects and reptiles, they bring many types of symbolism both in the way that they interact with each other and with the human animal.
I use the animal cards to further expand on the understanding of all the elements present in a situation.
I also take people out on the land to observe the life forms and learn from them. I use the Medicine Wheel and the Vortex energy to help them bring balance into their lives and allow them to discover their God given tools and abilities.
When we see that everything in the universe is in a constant state of recycling, rejuvenation and renewal we see the basic nature of the Cosmos and the answers to several of the great questions. Such as: reincarnation. Is there a God, what is our purpose for being here and many others.
By seeing the livingness of all things we start to more fully be part of the greater whole. Even the wind, the water, the rocks, the buildings, the machines have life in their own way. Each time we honor this life in all things we come closer to oneness with the Universe or God.
As we study and grow we begin to realize that the abilities to heal and balance ourselves exist more and more within us and learning techniques for self healing can also teach us how to help others to heal themselves. This means our ability to be healers and advisors for others, depends on how well we learn it for ourselves.
It is often said that we give much better advice than we take, so it is important to recognize our own knowledge and honor it by following it. If we don’t, we become hypocritical and our knowledge lacks the true power of full commitment to it. The more powerful and self- loving we are the more beneficial we become to our fellow humans. And by honoring the powers and abilities of others we more fully recognize them in ourselves.
In my book I pursue these and other questions to a much great degree.
Reverend Ron McLain,
Ordained Minister, Shaman, Psychic reader
Sedona’s most experienced Vortex Guide
BA Psychology,
Owner of Secret Mountain Tours, Sedona, AZ

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