Manifesting with the Moon

MoonSince the beginning of mankind, people have looked to the moon and stars for guidance. Ancient cultures measured and gauged the movement of celestial bodies to assist them with decision making and fortune-telling.
Learning how to work with the energies of the moon helps attune us to the rhythm and flow of Universal Energy in our life. In astrology, the energy of the moon is what guides us and is the directive force in living our true path. The moon carries the goddess energy, a receptive, yin energy (feminine energies). Working with the cycles of the moon allows us to position our creative forces in an almost serendipitous way. When working with moon energy, we draw in the energy of being in the “right” place at the “right” time.
Each lunar month, beginning with the new moon, has eight Lunar Phases, each lasting approximately 3.7 days. The power of the Lunar Phases deeply affects many aspects of life on the planet including ocean tides, fertility and human behavior. Each Lunar Phase carries with it a specific theme of action that draws situations into your life that allow the theme of the lunar month to unfold perfectly in front of you. Working with the specific action and theme of the Lunar Phase allows you to maximize your manifestation strategy and allows the goddess energy of the moon to work with you to magically bring your dreams into reality.
The energy of a lunar cycle grows as the moon slowly reveals and then hides herself again. Each lunar cycle leads to a new lunar cycle, allowing you to systematically expand on a manifesting theme. With conscious awareness, manifesting with the moon can lead to an ever-expanding spiral of spiritual, emotional and material growth.
When working with the Lunar Phases, it is important to log or journal what you are creating with the moon. By paying attention to the Lunar Phases you can take appropriate action and reflect on the energies that you are drawing into your life. Upon completion of a lunar cycle, you can evaluate the process and tailor your goals and strategies for the next lunar cycle.
The first phase of the cycle, called the New Moon, is a time for planting new seeds of growth. This is the time of new beginnings and new directions. On a practical side, this is the time to start a new venture, initiate new business contacts, start an advertising campaign and visualize where you are headed both spiritually and emotionally.
The next moon phase is called the Crescent Moon. The Crescent MOON is a time for developing a clear, practical plan about where you are headed and how to get there. The energy of the Crescent Moon is about fantasy and imagination. During this phase, allow yourself to daydream about the goals you set during the New Moon. See where this concept could take you!
The First Quarter follows the Crescent Moon. The First Quarter energy is about taking action. This is a time that the Universe sends you the power to “just do it.” Functioning with trust and knowing will empower you during this phase. Fearlessly drop all hesitation and move forward.
The Gibbous Moon is next. This is one of the most powerful phases of the moon and requires that you simply sit still and see what comes to you. This is a time when people or opportunities that can help you with your goal will appear in your life. Share your dreams with others during this time and see what gets activated!
The Full Moon ends the Gibbous Moon time. The energy of the full moon is like a little vacation before the harvest. The day after the full moon can be a day of quiet and reflection. You may feel the energy of this time rising in you and as this cycle comes to a close, you will receive more energy that you had before and you will be prepared to enter into the harvesting phase of the moon’s journey.
The Disseminating Moon is the harvest time. This is the time to reap what you have sown, a time for manifestation. With this moon cycle all of your hard work will bear fruit. Plan workshops and presentations for this time period.
The Last Quarter is the time to initiate change. Now is the time to evaluate the products of this lunar cycle and let go of the things that are not beneficial. If the Disseminating Moon is like harvest time, the Last Quarter is the time that the old crops are plowed into the soil to fertilize for the new crop. This is a time of reflection and refinement of the concept. New ideas may slowly start to take hold in your mind. This is a time to complete old projects and let go of strategies and situations that aren’t working.
The Balsamic Moon is the last Lunar Phase. This is the time to focus to the future. The seeds for the new have been planted. The time of retreat and retrospection is now done and the energy is now on looking forward. This is a time to surrender all fears from the past and play with the potentials of the future as you prepare for a new lunar cycle.
Working with the cycles of the moon can be tremendously empowering and remove a lot of energetic resistance to manifesting your desires. Go out tonight and sing to the moon! She is simply sitting there, waiting to pour her golden light onto your dreams.


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