The Christ Consciousness by Scottie Littlestar

The Christ Consciousness
(Our true identity)
by Scottie Littlestar
What is it? What does it mean to have “Christ-consciousness”?
First, let me state that I am not ‘for’ nor ‘against’ any religion; and that “Christ” was not Jesus’ last name.
It is a vibration, a ‘state-of-being’ which we are all attempting to become, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. It is the soul’s endeavor during its entire journey back to Source. Jesus was aware of his close connection to God and even stated “I am my Father’s son”.
What most people don’t realize is that we are all the sons and daughters of the Father and he was actually trying to teach us that. Later on, Jesus stated “I and the Father are One”. Here he was demonstrating his awareness of his “Christ-consciousness” by speaking very plainly to the people of his time that he was ‘One with God’.
Notice in these two statements, that there’s a progression of consciousness.
The first, to ‘get’ the concept of our all being ‘One’ and the second to realize it and claim our divinity as Jesus did.
Since we are truly ‘One with God’, we are responsible for what we are creating in our lives, our thoughts, our words….our actions; for we hold the Creator’s energy within our bodies and have free will to decide how to use it.
Even if you get the concept down that we are all ‘One’, it still does not make you a “Christed” being as that is only the first step.
Buddha, Sai Baba, Krishna and many others achieved “Christ-consciousness” while still in their physical human forms. We have several books at the Center for the New Age about these beings, so that people can read and learn from their lives and experiences.
The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East (set of 6 books) is about the genuine experiences of a group of people from England and the U.S. who spent several years between the late 1800’s and early 1900’s with these beings who continually demonstrated their “Christ-consciousness”.
They walked unscathed through fires surrounding them on all sides. They walked across a river with rapids in it. They heated the rooms (with no visible means) where the visitors and they would gather to eat; even creating the whole feast itself from the ethers. They would disappear and reappear in the groups’ different camps, some over 100 miles apart, to deliver messages back and forth. They know and understand how to create from the ethers whatever is needed in its perfect form and bring it into the physical, and many of these people are between 500 to 1500 years old. Incredible? Read just the first book, you’ll see. We are all capable of doing the same.
Whatever our minds focus on – good, bad or indifferent, we are giving the universe messages that what we are focusing on is what we want. So if you constantly think of bad experiences, or allow yourself to think negative thoughts, the feelings associated with the initial experience or thought gets continually re-created, thereby causing bad feelings or negative emotions long after the initial experience occurred.
However, if you focus on what you truly desire with positive intent, then you will create good feelings and a positive experience. If you find yourself engrossed in negative thinking, first recognize that it’s occurring and stop it by focusing on what it is that you desire.
Many people have asked me “How can I stop thinking about this or that?”
I say, “How can you not?” It all boils down to consciousness.
What do you want to think?
How do you want to feel?
What are you choosing for yourself?
Only you can control what you think, do and say.
Choose to make better decisions for yourself. Change your thought patterns and you will change your life.
We are such powerful beings that whatever we allow ourselves to perceive and believe, we can create.
So keep working on being more non-judgmental of others and be more loving of others – unconditionally.
You….We….All of us are on the way to “Christ-consciousness” (no matter how many lifetimes it may take)!
Blessings to All on this wonderful, experiential journey to “Christ Consciousness”


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