Prosperity and Abundance

New MoonWould you like to bring more financial abundance into your life? Try this new moon ritual. Not only is it easy, but you may be surprised at the results!
The new moon is the cycle to start fresh and new projects. Therefore, it is perfect for manifesting abundance. To find out when the new moon phase begins every month, you can look it up in the New Farmers’ Almanac, or sometimes it’s on your calendar. In March, the new moon starts on the 13th at 9:03 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (7:03 pm Mountain Time). For the most potent new moon energy, try doing the ritual at the exact changing of the moon time.
The main ingredient of this ritual is the seven coins. The seven coins can be anything of your choosing – pennies, pesos, lira etc. – but silver works best as it naturally corresponds to the moon. Pennies also work great for this ritual because copper is a wonderful conductor of your energy and will power. For optimum results, try to find coins of the current year. It is also recommended that you clear the energy on the coins before performing this ceremony so that you focus your intent and clean energy on the coins. The seven coins may be cleansed in a variety of ways: by burning sage over the coins; laying the coins in the sun (where no one will touch them); or by pouring a mixture of sea salt and water over the coins.
Find a place where you can throw the coins through a doorway of some sort that will be safe from others’ moving them or picking them up. It is best if the coins stay immobile until the next phase of the moon. (I like to perform this ritual in my car, and then put the floor mat over the top of the coins.)
Visualization is also important to ritual. As you are tossing your coins, visualize yourself having prosperity and let it flow freely to you like a cascading waterfall. Allow yourself to have freedom from debt, and know that you deserve to be happy and have complete abundance in your life. Here’s the simple mantra to chant as you are throwing your coins, and don’t forget to visualize
“Money on the floor;
Money in the door.
Harm no one,
Including me;
Mote it be!”

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