Celtic Harvest Festival

CelticSedona is celebrating its annual Celtic Harvest Festival today. There will be music, dance and Storytelling. There will be a Fairy Village with fairies and villagers, Celtic warriors, kings and queens. I’m sure we’ll see Kilts and be able to hear bagpipes.
Celtic traditions are not just about Ireland or Scottish folklore.Celtic Paganism has many different expressions and each is a tradition in itself. The term “Celtic” spans at least eight countries. Although no one can seem to figure out where the Celts actually came from, there is proof to where they eventually ended up.
The first distinctly “Celtic” culture is believed to have surfaced in 800 B.C. By the sixth Century they has spread into what is now the Czech Republic., Slovakia,Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Three hundred years later they crossed the English Channel into Britain and Ireland. Later they invaded Rome and Greece leaving with lots of Gold and riches. As with all conquering societies, even when they withdrew from the land , they left their heritage and traditions behind.
As you can see, claiming to be Celtic can mean any number of traditions.I will try to mention a only a few. Celtic Shamanism is a shamanic path that is based on the Faery Faith of the Celtic peoples of western Europe Including Britain, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Then you have Celtic Traditionalism which is based on the beliefs of the original Celtic average people and does not include Druid Tradition. The ancient Pagan mystery faith has been incorporated into today’s Traditions.
The Witan Celtic is a practice of the goddess nature based religion. Its about prosperity, growth creativity. and healing. While Druidity is based on the rituals and magic of the early Celtic Druid priests. There is a large Neo pagan Community in the United States and Canada practicing the traditions of Wicca. The Faery Faith is based on the belief that everything in this and other worlds is alive. That each thing is possessed of its own soul or spirit unlike the Christian religion that teaches only man has a spirit and is superior to the rest of creation. There is another sect in northern Scotland called the Pecti-Wita but not much is known about their tradition.
There is another eclectic Irish tradition called Witta, which keeps to the very old traditions of the Irish and combines them with the influence of the Norse. Until recently, Witta covens were based on strict apprenticeship. Nowadays most covens operate on a consensus basis accepting self-initiation.
As you can see, this is not just a simple faith of fairies , witches, dragons and Pots of Gold at the end of the rainbow as depicted in many children’s book. It a serious culture on which many other religions were based. Today’s pagans, Wiccans and Celtic people hold on to their rituals and traditions that practice faith in goodness and a respect for Mother Earth.
The Center for the New Age carries many Celtic flavor and Ritual items and books. We invite you to peruse what we fondly call our “Witchiepoo” section when you’re visiting us in Sedona.

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