Creative Tarot Methods for Divination

TarotWhat is the mystery of the tarot? Is there really a mystery? The oldest historical records dates the tarot as far back as Egyptian antiquity and some even believe it goes back further. The cards of the tarot relate to all possible positives and negatives of life’s encounters. As a government mathematician scientist once told me , the tarot relates to all the possible mathematical combinations of positive and negative attractions to the equation of life in the universe. The universe is a combination of both and the end result in the mathematical equation must equal a ‘zero balance’ of forces in order for time and space to exist. In other words, time and space itself would not exist without both positive (constructive) and negative (destructive) functions. If the pendulum swings too far on the positive side, eventually it has to come back to the negative side and vice-a-versa. The best possible scenario would be to strive for a constant balance. By the sheer nature of the universe it is impossible to have one without the other. There has been much documented work in theoretical physics and mathematics related to the time space continuum and nature of time and our physical universe to support these concepts.
A Method For Determining Between Two or More Scenarios:
Client’s question is: I am undecided between two lovers, which one is best for me or will I get married to? George or Bill? Shuffle the entire deck. As you are shuffling say to yourself or out loud the following: Show me by the King of Cups which one is in my client’s best and highest interest and good. Then divide the deck into two halves. Say the half on the right will be Bill and the one on the left will be George. Start turning over the cards from each half. As you can see, the king of cups is Bill. But the card just before in the right half is the’ Lovers’ which is also significant in that it shows the relationship will flourish. In fact the last card turned in the left half, the six of swords, indicates that George will be drifting away as time goes on. This method works marvelously every time and can be used for multiple scenarios such as two or three choices to go to college or to re-locate residence. In the college scenario you can ask for which deck the Hierophant will show up in for the three choices of college and in the change of residence scenario you would use the five of pentacles since the five of pentacles often signifies a change of residence. Refer to the photo below.
Timing and the Tarot:
A method for determining a time window for an event
As most psychics already know, timing an event is very difficult to divine. This is because of multiple variables in the mixture, such as outside influences not in control of the querient or even in control of the querient. The querient may be ready but people around him may not be ready or outside influences may be a little off schedule or the querient may be waffling in the mental state. Once all three influences converge on target, then the event will occur. Since the outside influences are impossible to control, nature has to run it’s course to allow everything to eventually come together . We see an event eventually occurring, but a pinpoint date is nearly impossible. Therefore the best prediction of timing an event is to ask the tarot for the earliest date and the latest possible date, ie: a window of opportunity or ‘time window’. A method I developed that works very well for this purpose is one I call ‘The Zodiac Trump’, because it allows the tarot to reveal a twelve month earliest and latest timing window. First determine if the event will occur in the next twelve month cycle from the date of the reading or if it will occur two or three years down the road from the reading date. This can be done with a simple yes or no question three card spread. Let’s say you’ve determined the event will occur within the next twelve months from the date of the reading. Using a second deck of tarot cards, preferably the same type, pre pick the twelve trump or major arcana cards which also signify a zodiac sign or time period, ie: ‘Strength’ would be ‘Leo’, ‘The Moon’ would be ‘Pisces’ etc, Lay the twelve major arcana zodiac cards in front of the querient and ask them to think of the event happening and to pick two cards and hand them to you. Pay close attention to the first card picked. This will be the earliest window of opportunity. The second card will be the latest. In the example shown below, ‘Strength’ or ‘Leo’ was the first card picked and ‘The Moon’ or ‘Pisces’ was the second card picked by the querient. This signifies the earliest time would be July 21st of the current year and the latest time would be March 20th of the following year. If the date of the reading is closer to end of that year, then the event will occur closer to the latest date of March 20th of the following year. This is because all the variable outside influences are finding a difficult time to converge at the present time. Eventually by March 20th of the following year they should come together. I find that many of my clients actually confirm the timing window. A client was interested in when they would promote to a higher job position in management. The first card was Strength and the second card was The Moon ‘Pisces time period the following year’.
The woman verified that would make sense because they were planning the interview sometime between September this year and February the following year. Note the fact that her employer had a sliding window for scheduling the interviews. This was a factor outside the querient’s control and the ‘Zodiac Trump Method’ I developed reflected that. Have fun!

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