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CalendarBy International Psychic Medium
Kit LaBeau
Life as we know is changing.  This does NOT mean it is the end of the world, but a new beginning.  Our world is changing. Our old way of thinking, reacting, responding and even interacting is changing.  This is what the Mayan Calendar, the Mayan astrologers were trying to tell us.  It is not gloom and doom so many have predicted over the last ten years, but a new way of life that is being ushered in.
This eclipse does not have any major planetary aspects to it; thus astrologists look at the minor aspects for more information which would be Pluto pushing for changes.
According to famed astrologer, Salvador Russo, the Total Solar Eclipse of November 13th, had a potent significance on the old ways.  In his article, found on his website , Russo takes an in depth look at the power of this eclipse analyzing what the future holds where corrupt systems break down from their own inherent evil.
The eclipse occurred in Scorpio. This sign is known for its high mystical or psychic nature and its emotions.  Russo broke his article into two sections.  The first part talks about what to expect worldwide while the second half is what we can expect on a more personal level.   He stated:

“Expect the following types of Scorpio solar eclipse synchronicities:

supernatural psychic activations, literal and metaphorical deaths, total transformations of material circumstances, great transferences of power, investigations that shock and cause outcry, necessary and favorable conversions of resources, the relentless exposure of evil, crime, and secrecy, the purging of corruption, medial traumas and sudden awareness of disease, sacred and paradigm ending revelations, sudden appropriations of wealth, great disruptions to secret societies, the breaking of entanglements, the deepening of spiritual devotion, breakthroughs in psychotherapy, the enforcement of accountability, public shaming’s, and revivals of health.”

Russo also states that hidden cures for many diseases will be disclosed and that it will become a “grim reality for millions that disease and death have been cloaked in our food and medicine by our most trusted agencies.” This is something many in metaphysics have been saying for years.  And finally, the truth will catch up with what we have been seeing and predicting.
Although Scorpio is known to keep secrets, because of the eclipse being in a New Moon, there will be no more secrets; it is necessary that all things be revealed.  Government agencies that worked in the clandestine will become known; organizations within these clandestine agencies will also be exposed.
His article also states that the war on human slavery, ritual sacrifice, pedophilia, torture, sex-trafficking, drug smuggling, criminal conspiracy and cover-ups will not be tolerated and will be exposed to the global community which will help to dismantle them.  In other words, we (as a whole) will be asked to stand and speak and fight for those who do not have a voice.  We will become involved, in many different ways, to fight for our brothers and sisters who have been subjugated to these horrors.  We will stand as one spouting our outrage, protesting these deeds anyway we can.
According to Jan Spiller, “This solar eclipse will stimulate your desire to accept change and transformation in your life although part of you may be having a tough time releasing the comfort of the status quo…[it] will teach us to embrace the responsibility we have to one another on this planet.”  This eclipse in Scorpio is also asking – no, demanding – that we let go of our own hurts.  It is telling us to let go of the past; to let our misery be gone forever and not to carry our bitterness, our disappointments or our resentments into the future.  It is time to purge ourselves of our history. It is time to look at your world including those around you and see if they are encouraging you or discouraging you.  And if they are the latter, you may want to rid yourself of that influence.  It is asking you to create a new life for yourself and to be accountable for the consequences of your actions. You will begin learning empowerment of the self.
The higher vibration of this Scorpio eclipse means a deep psychological healing, intense emotions, deeper desires while the lower vibration talks about power plays, manipulation, controlling others for personnel gain, jealousy and staying in the shadows.  This lower vibration, should be avoided at all costs over the next 28 days.  It is time for releasing these negatives and finding a new life within the higher vibration of this Scorpio eclipse.
This eclipse is ushering in a new way of thinking, of being and one of greater understanding of the self and of our global brothers and sisters.  That is the true meaning behind the Mayan calendar.  That is what they wanted us to know and understand.  We have a choice, but they wanted our future to be better with a deeper impact on the planet.  That is why their calendar ends.   It is up to us, as a whole and as individuals to inscribe what we want our future and our world to be.  It is up to you, up to me…up to us to use this information to rise to a higher vibration and make ourselves, our lives, our communities, our nation and our planet better.   Are you ready?
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