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Healing CrystalsMost of us are aware of the dangers of living a fast paced lifestyle. The stress of keeping up certainly affects our health and can cause illness and problems beyond our physical body. New Age practices have become very appealing since they encourage a more balanced and positive way of life. Generally, the New Age belief encourages being in touch with yourself and being connected with the energies that surround you. This explains the popularity of healing stones and healing crystals in jewelry and decorative pieces, with the belief that they can emulate positive energy and help dispel negative energies.
Belief in healing crystals has been around for centuries. Old civilizations used crystals in healing way before the establishment of medical institutions. Supposedly, by placing crystal stones on specific parts of the body, one can be relieved of pains and ailments. Crystal Therapy is believed to help people in harmonizing their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. With varying internal structures, each piece of healing crystal can offer a certain energy frequency that can aid people achieving balance and stability through stimulation of the body’s natural healing abilities.
Several healing stones and healing crystals are believed to alleviate common illnesses, for instance, the problem of tension headaches. The use of turquoise, amethyst and amber placed around the head. Lapis lazuli, a very popular mineral stone during ancient times, lessens tension headaches and was utilized by medicine men to relieve people of migraine.
Maintaining focus can also be aided by healing crystals. Concentrating can be challenging nowadays especially with all the distractions around us. Healing crystals like quartz are believed to provide mental clarity. Amethyst, a type of quartz, is a healing stone that is known to help sooth our nervous system and promote clear mental transmission. Decorative pieces containing these healing crystals are highly recommended for study rooms and even office desks. Any place wherein a great amount of centration is required from people can use the help of these healing crystals.
Bright colored crystals are not just healing stones. They are also believed to stimulate our minds and bodies. Healing crystal colors such as yellow, red and orange can boost energy and help us feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Healing crystals with bright and strong colors generally promote vigor and energy. Some of these are golden amber and yellow topaz. Places which require people to be more active can be a great location to display these crystals.
Whether you’ll wear these healing crystals as part of your jewelry or add them as ornaments to interiors, the fact is there’s more to these stones than their aesthetic qualities. The popularity of New Age practices re-introduced the wonders of these healing stones and made them more valuable than ever.
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