RiskYears ago, I got an idea to bottle Sedona creek water as Vortex water, not for drinking, just for the energy. Then someone here told me it was a stupid idea. I didn’t do it. Later Sedona Water Company did, then Emoto.  Now someone in California presented me with a flyer touting, Vortical Energy Water. When you do get an idea, it’s a thing that goes out to the universe as an opportunity for someone else, if not for you  We all want validation before we take a risk, so we run our idea past others to see what they think.
They don’t even have to reply. It might be just a look that discourages us. We are afraid to look foolish. I saw something from Rumi on Facebook this morning. It was a picture of a bird singing. It said, “I want to sing like the birds sing, not caring if anyone is listening.” That really struck home for me. I have always been vocal. I love singing in the shower and along with the radio in the car.  When my kids were little, we would sing in the car on long trips so they wouldn’t get bored and fight.
Then I got into a relationship with a man, who told me my voice was terrible. He didn’t like my cute New Jersey accent and hated my singing. So I stopped singing and let him do all the talking. Years later when we broke up, my brother came to visit me.  My brother and I were never that close as children. We both had our own version of competition for our parent’s attention. As adults, we lived in different states and just lost touch.
One day, I saw this strange car in my driveway.  It was my estranged younger brother.  Things hadn’t been going that well at this time in his life and he had no one else to turn to. Unbeknownst to both of us, he was very sick. He came to live with me and I noticed a guitar in his room.  He told me he loved to sing karaoke. We went to The Old Sedona Grill that night. My brother got up to sing. I was amazed. He was great. Then he coerced me to sing also. I was great. We looked at each other in shock and both said at the same time, “Who Knew?!”.
My brother lived for two years after that and we sang karaoke almost every night we could find a place to sing. By the time he died, he had a following. People loved him. I had his service at Old Sedona. Over fifty people got up to sing him his favorite songs, while his face sang on the TV Monitor.
What happened to the old boyfriend who discouraged me all those years?  Well, he died too. It was only then that I found out he had a hearing disorder.  Careful who you listen to.  When someone tells you that you can’t do something that makes your heart sing, take a risk anyway.  It’s only their opinion.  You’ll never know, unless you’re willing to fail.
Today I also got an email from Gigi, our psychic reader of the week.  I know what you’re thinking. If she’s psychic, she should know what’s going to happen. But knowing and fear of risk are two different things. Risk is a potential that a chosen action or activity (including the choice of inaction) will lead to loss or an undesirable outcome.  Knowing is possessing knowledge. Even if you knew the outcome, it’s still your choice to take the risk. Gigi is our reader of the week because she does have knowingness and is taking a big risk. So this is part of her email that helped her decide.

Risk Quotes

“The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.”
-Charles Du Bos
And the real truth is that we need to be able to sacrifice at any moment who we think we are for who we truly are. When we can take that risk, and recognize that we are more than the roles we have taken on, that we are defined not by what we  do, but by who we are, then we’re there. Then we’ve made it.
-Lissa Coffey
“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”
-Marcus Annaeus Seneca
It’s so easy to come up with excuses. But what we’re really doing is making life more difficult for ourselves. We’re hiding from ourselves. What do we want? What do we REALLY want? If we really want it, it is worth the risk. Isn’t it better to have that possibility of success by risking, rather than the certainty of failure by sticking with the status quo? I think it is harder to live with “what if” than “I gave it a shot.”
-Lissa Coffey
“Without risk, faith is an impossibility.”
-Soren Kierkegaard
We often hear: “No risk, no reward!” We know that sometimes we have to step outside our comfort zone to make things happen for ourselves. And yet we hesitate. What  is stopping us from taking that risk? If we can get up our courage enough to have faith in the process, we can make progress. Taking a risk is taking that “leap of faith.”
-Lissa Coffey
“If one is forever cautious, can one remain a human being?”
-Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
It is a part of our nature to learn and to grow. And one way we do this is by taking risks. When we learned to walk, we risked falling down. We are constantly striving to better ourselves and our lives, and we can’t do that by standing still. Our instincts urge us to move forward, to see what is ahead, to peek around the corner not knowing for sure what we might find.
-Lissa Coffey
“They are surely to be esteemed the bravest of spirits who, having the clearest sense of both the pains and pleasures of life, do not on that account shrink from danger.”
Look at the examples we have been given. From the Wright Brothers, to Helen Keller, to Lance Armstrong, and so many more brave and determined souls. Where would we  be today if they decided it was easier to stay home and sit on the couch? They risked! They dared! And they soared! And we can do the same.
-Lissa Coffey

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