How to Communicate with Angels

AngelsOften people want to get in touch with their spirit guides for any variety of reasons. In times of uncertainty and difficulty, more than ever, people want guidance; they want help. They want answers to relieve their feelings of confusion and frustration.
Spirit guides are very helpful because that’s their job. They have many opportunities to influence you so that you move toward what is best for you.
Angels are a very high vibration and are the direct communicators from God. They have this one task of watching over and guiding humanity. Many ignore this Vocation or at least don’t take it too seriously. Their conception is, “If I need my angel she will come.” While that is correct in a sense, wouldn’t it be even better to have a direct connection that made sure you were in the right place at the right time?
Channeling has been around throughout time. In a sense, communication with angels is channeling, but it is much more. Connection with angel means you are living every day with great insight. You are listening to what your Creator has in mind for you and your Higher Self, and your angels and your Creator are working together with you to help you grow spiritually. What does this mean?
We are Spirit having a physical incarnation. To best take advantage of this time in the physical body, the spirit must be allowed to grow and connect with the best guidance possible. That guidance comes from the Creator. All of us have intuition. Some have gone further and have developed other gifts – clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance. To best use any of these abilities, doesn’t it make sense to be able to connect to actual guidance from the highest source?
People sometimes think, “If only I could talk to my angels, I would feel so much better.” Well, it is true! One does feel better discoursing with angels. It is also entering upon a life long journey of spiritual growth which can, at times, be most difficult. The difficulty arises because letting go and letting God/Spirit/Creator take over is frightening. It represents giving power to an unseen source, but if you had an actual angel to guide you and tell you the next idea from your Creator, wouldn’t that make it a lot easier?
To begin your journey of connecting with angels, first you need to:
1) State your intent such as: “I wish to have a closer connection to the Source and I want him/her to send angels to communicate with me.”
2) Provide a time of quiet meditation. Try to do this every day.
3) When you are sitting quietly, form a question in your mind, send it to the angels and wait. You may get an answer immediately, or pay attention and you’ll receive an answer in the next few days. Angels work in many ways, but the best and most direct way is through hearing. Whatever the method, the answer to your question will be clear to you!
How do you learn to hear angels? It is really not a matter of learning; rather, it is a process of allowing your inner being to connect to the guidance of angels. It does take time and work, but most of all it takes commitment. You are entering upon a journey that will completely change your life. You will know why you are here on earth; what your higher self has in mind this time around; and also how other lifetimes influence this life. Often, just better understanding a relationship in this lifetime will make a significant difference in one’s life.
Angels do give people information that could not be gotten in any other way. Connecting with angels is a unique way of insuring guidance on a daily basis.
As with many new ideas, connecting with angels needs time to grow. As more people understand it is possible for everyone who seeks to do so, to communicate with their angels, the world will change. Because you are using the guidance for the highest and best good of everyone, the world will change for the better.

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