Totem Animals

Totem AnimalsA totem is any natural object, being, or animal that symbolizes a specific kind of energy. When one awakens to a totem and honors it, the archetypal energies behind it are released into one’s life.
Totems are most often spiritual incarnations of animals that exemplify the traits associated with that animal. They may be present in their earthly manifestations, but they aren’t bound by physical forms. One does not worship a totem; one follows it. The way of a totem is something you aspire to, rather like someone who aspires to live according to a code of honor. A totem will share information through visions and dreams using the specific animal to represent what you should –or need to –do. Animals come to us because they have a lesson we need to learn or a power they are willing to share. They seek to give us understanding, love, energy and knowledge.
The animal totem that comes to you offers you power and wisdom if you will learn to communicate with it, with respect, trust and understanding. Each animal has its own special power and message, for each animal has a powerful spirit and an inherent skill. Animal Spirits choose a person to be a companion to, a friend to, not the other way around. The animal will choose you and make itself known to you. You will only need to pay attention to discover what your totems are.
In traditional practice, a young adult goes on a spirit quest –a journey to find one’s self, and be found by a totem. It was expected that the “questor” would have a dream or vision in which they would be visited by their totem, and find direction in life. The totem that came may have reflected ideals that were important to the “questor,” but it was also possible for a totem to choose unlikely followers. The individual on the quest did not have any choice in the matter –the totem knew who to call, and those who were called were expected to follow. In modern times, spirit quests are less common, but many people still find themselves called by or drawn to a totem. A certain animal seems to be present at key times in their lives, or their dreams are haunted by a particular animal. Maybe a stressful event in life awakened something within them, and they’re trying to make sense of it all. Whatever path leads them to their totem, finding it seems to bring a special comfort in their lives, and a new sense of direction.
All totems are powerful but the meaning that the totem brings will vary on your action depending on what type of totem has come to you. Your Life-long Animal Totem works with you throughout your entire life or until such time that you no longer need that animal totem. It is always there when you need its powers, always reminding you of your power and connection to the universe and generally reflecting your inner spiritual nature.
A Journey Animal Totem reflects a period of time –not just a day, but weeks, months, or maybe years –whatever time it takes you to walk the path that this totem is reminding or guiding you on. During this journey, you will find that this animal is always showing up in your life or that several animal totems will appear in your life all to guide you on the path. When you find one, two or three animals all of a sudden making an appearance and their nature all has the same basis, then you have found the basis of your path.
The difference between the journey animal totem and the Message Animal Totem is a period of time. The first will slip in and out of your life over the course of a period while the latter will bring itself to you quickly and impartially. Message animal totems usually bring self growth, a spiritual message, or a cautionary warning. It is often a wake up call and will usually be a unique experience making it very powerful at that time. It takes place in a brief period of time – a day, a week and occasionally as much as a couple of months – but can be immediate for just a few hours. Sometimes a message totem is not bringing you a message but causing a delay in your life. This delay is often in assistance for you –to be sure you are not in a place at a certain time so that you avoid an accident or can catch a phone call or meet someone you are supposed to run into.
Shadow Animal Totems are those totems that test us. They have great power for us but will put us through tests before they will let their power work with and for us, instead of against us. In all of nature there is prey and predator. In the spiritual world there is the same. A shadow animal totem is one that initially you fear. The shadow totem often represents inner fears that you must overcome. Until you face the fears of the shadow animal totem, its powers may very well work against you, not letting you soar. When you overcome the fear of the shadow totem, it becomes one of your most powerful animal totems. Your goal with a shadow totem is to learn the lessons and incorporate that animal into your life. If you are scared by something over and over then you still have not accepted the lesson that animal has for you.
Totem animals may come and go out of your life as you grow. There are those animals that might stay with you for the rest of your life, but others provide guidance as need be. Welcome those that make themselves known to you for the new experiences they will bring. Give thanks to those who go out of your life. Know that their presence is no longer needed and the totem has returned to the magical, mystical world you have been fortunate enough to share.
To learn more about your Animal Totem and what you need to learn from this spiritual messenger, you may want to consult with one of the psychic readers at the Center for the New Age who is knowledgeable about totem animals and their meaning for you.

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