Good Health Equals Success

Anita DaltonGood health is one of the most important keys to our success. Many of us at the Center for the New Age have had big challenges this year. Many of the readers were unable to work during the busy Holiday Season. Sometimes we get so busy doing things for others; we forget to take care of ourselves. I personally start everyday with vitamin C and vitamin D. I never get colds or flu; I eat protein within a half hour of waking and work out at the Gym three days a week. Why? So I don’t get sick. It is called “prevention”. There is so much information these days on TV and on the Internet about how to stay healthy. Hundreds of books have been written on how to be healthy, but you can’t just read about it, You have to do it. One of our readers is very health conscious, but if he suggests that some folks should change their diet, they get upset. Can’t we just wave our magic wand and fix it?
Recently, I was a passenger in a car accident, which was a blessing in disguise. It allowed me to find out I had a serious genetic blood pressure issue. I was able to nail down the cause and correct it immediately. We have to be aware of our genetic disposition, but we also have to be aware of our emotions. I believe that illness starts in the emotional body. When we continue to ignore these emotions, the energy turns into a pain or disease in our physical body. I was an expert on stuffing my emotions with food.
I wasn’t raised by a family of health freaks. Italian people like to eat and I did, but food was better back then. We used olive oil and ate our own healthy grown vegetables. We didn’t have steroids in our meat and eggs or genetically engineered fast foods. I remember when I went to Korea. I was amazed at the small size of their supermarkets. There was no frozen food department and everyone was growing their vegetables. Apartments had gardens on their balcony. I was also dismayed that they had no diet soda, that was an addiction of mine at the time. They were just starting to copy our fast food chains and were concerned about their weight gain. I was there as a health model for weight loss. They interviewed me on TV about the benefits of juicing.
As some of you may know, when I first came to Sedona, I was on a spiritual quest. My health at that time was terrible. Having had a weight problem my whole life, I finally blossomed up to three hundred sixty five pounds. I had more aches and pains than I knew what to do with and I could barely walk across the parking lot. Sometimes after sitting, my hip would lock up and I couldn’t walk at all. Exercise was way off my radar screen. When my daughter suggested teaching me aerobics, I laughed. Then I did it. I took inventory of myself. Since I had long given up on the magic pill and no doctors seemed able to help me, I had to educate myself on what to do next. I had to read books. It’s funny, I had a chubby store employee a couple of years ago who pointed to the health books in our store and told me, “You should get rid of these books, no one ever buys them.” Well I did read them and one day a light bulb came on, it was like a switch flipped in my brain and I just knew what to do. Why did I always think it was so hard? I just had to change my thinking. I had to get in touch with my emotions.
Long story short, I have kept that weight off for 15 years. I still don’t like going to the gym, but I feel so good after I do. I have the energy I need to work. It’s amazing the things you can do and accomplish when you have energy. People ask me why so many psychics are overweight. I think because we are so sensitive to energies that we need to densify our emotions to fit in with the rest of the world. Maybe we should try to be an example and get the rest of the world to fit in with us.
That’s what we are doing here at The Center for the New Age. We are becoming the best that we can be, so that we can help others be the best that they can be. Some of us are reading books and listening to CD’s to retrain the neural pathways in our brain. It might take a little time, but when that switch flips, it’s all worth it.
If you aren’t part of our success club, you might want to consider joining. The only way to get started is by hanging out with people already accomplishing what you want. Whatever problem you have, someone else has had it and written a book about it. Start reading more today and make a point to get in touch with your emotions. When you stop learning, you start dying.


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