Sacred Geometry and the Golden Spiral

Golden SpiralAnybody who has taken high school math is familiar with geometry. Draw a sphere and you derive a geometric shape. Relate consciousness and the opening of the heart to this geometric figure, and you have created Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is the study of geometric forms and their metaphorical relationships to human evolution as well as a study in transitions of mind, emotions, spirit and consciousness reflected in the succeeding transition from one sacred geometric form (consciousness state) into another.
When the teachings of geometry are used to show the ancient truth that all life emerges from the same blueprint, we can see that life springs from the same source. When geometry is used to express and explore this great truth, a broader understanding of the universe unfolds until we can see that all aspects of reality become sacred. The ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks and others all knew this truth and incorporated sacred geometry teachings into their mystery schools as a way for anyone to begin to practically understand his or her personal relationship to the universe.
Each thought we entertain in our mind results in an energy of geometric proportions and the same thing occurs for every emotional reality we create through our feelings. These patterns tend to form continuous transitions of overlapping geometric configurations around us. In one particular instance, by activating one set of sacred proportions (geometric configurations) around the body, we activate the “Golden Mean Spiral” that aids the heart to expand and open.
The “Golden Mean Spiral” (or Golden Proportion) is a ratio of 1.618 of the whole to the largest segment. Succeeding segments establish a spiral in the same proportions for each expanded chamber that is added. Examples of this “Golden Proportion” are found all over nature. It is apparent in pine cones, when looking at the from the top center; or in the arrangement of seeds in a sunflower and in a cross section view of a nautilus shell. The Golden Mean Spiral has no beginning and no end. It is assumed that what appears to be the beginning of the Golden Mean Spiral is actually the spiral becoming so infinitesimally tiny, it disappears into the next dimension.
All over Sedona are spiral vortexes, some of which are a Golden Mean Spiral. The way to determine which vortexes are Gold Mean Spirals is simple:
Locate a vortex
Stand in the vortex
Feel the energy moving through your body
Allow your body to respond to the energy
If you find your body moving gently in a circle while your feet are motionless on the earth, you have found a Golden Mean spiral! And consequently, you are opening your heart energetically and emotionally. Some people, upon experiencing this for the first time will have huge releases of emotion, like crying or laughing. Others will simply feel the bliss with a smile on their faces. And other become very still and silent, as if they are in the presence of a place of worship.
In case you are not in Sedona, or another place known for vortex, you too can create a Golden Mean Spiral. To do this, you need four people. Three people should stand with their arms outstretched (to the side) and close enough so that their fingertips touch creating a human triangle. The fourth individuals stands in the center and just allows themselves to “feel.” The three people comprising the triangle send feelings of unconditional love toward the person in the center. As the individual in the center begins to sense this, they will begin to move their body in a spiral movement. However, people who have experienced tremendous loss or sorrow, and block it, may feel nothing. This is not to say that individual will never feel this energy, it is merely a reflection of where they are in the moment. Everyone can take turns being in the center and feeling the wondrous experience of this magical mystical aspect of Sacred Geometry.
But now the sight of day and night, and the months and the revolutions of the years have created number and have given us a conception of time, and the power of inquiring about the nature of the universe. And from this source we have derived philosophy, than which no greater good ever was or will be given by the gods to mortal man. Plato.
When buildings were created using the Golden Mean Spiral or Golden Proportion, an interesting phenomena occurred. People began to feel that their hearts were opening, emotionally and energetically. They began to sense the presence that some called “Divine Love.” This is the reason why so many temples and holy buildings including the Great Pyramid at Giza, the Parthenon in ancient Athens, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and most curious of all, the United Nations building in New York City, have used this proportion in their construction.
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