A medium is one with whom spirits communicate directly. If we accept that dying is not the end of our existence, just the end of the body that carried our consciousness and that our soul survives and exists somewhere else, then it might be possible to make contact with that consciousness and all the emotions and memories that made that person what they were.
Where does the soul abide? Where are these spirits? The world of spirit exists all around us, but it might be better to think of it as a dimension rather than a place. This world most probably exists on a different vibration to our own. The medium has learned to attune to this different and higher frequency or vibration and those in the spirit world can also tune into individuals on this plane. It is this joint effort that enables communication.
When a medium sits with a client, the medium is in a highly receptive state. The medium’s ability to slow down and alter their perception, raising their awareness to a subtle energy, is what allows them to perceive the messages from spirits. This contact is conducted through thought that is then transmitted by the communicating spirit to the medium. Although mediums mainly give the messages they are given, it is possible for the medium to ask questions and receive an answer. This is “live” communication, but it is the spirit people who have the choice of communicating or not. A medium cannot in any way force the spirit persons to make themselves known.
The medium makes a request, by thought, for a communicator to come forward. The spirit will transmit knowledge about himself to the medium, and the medium will be able to interpret this information and describe the results back to the client. There are a number of ways a medium interprets the data sent to them. Clairvoyance is the psychic ability to see pictures, people, places, objects and colors sent from the spirit world. It is this particular gift that allows mediums to describe those with whom they communicate. Clairaudience is the medium’s gift of hearing spirit voices not only via thought, but also, perhaps, hearing a voice in one’s ear. Accents, age and tone may all be detectable.
Clairsentience is the art of sensing and feeling the impressions of spirit, especially in cases of letting the medium know how they passed. Feelings and emotions can be interpreted by the medium and relayed to the client. Clairoma is yet another way for the spirit to help us recognize them. Characteristic perfume, scents or different smells that may link a spirit person to his job when on Earth, all help to establish the spirit’s identity.
The thoughts, feelings, voices, pictures and aromas can be all used together, but range in intensity. In the optimum situation, the information flows so easily that the medium has no doubts about the information being given, but there are times when the information can seem a little disjointed and the medium needs to work harder to resolve what comes through. One explanation for this variation in intensity or quality could be a direct result of how well the spirit communicator has learned to communicate, but this could also be a function of the medium’s ability to tune-in and the rapport with their spirit guides, who play an important role in the proceedings.
A good medium will only have loving messages from the departed –informational messages delivered in a compassionate way, or messages for the person’s highest good. You will know that your medium has really connected to your loved one the same way you know everything else that’s true. You’ll feel it in your heart and you’ll know that this practice is not only magical, not only mystical, but an absolutely true and real experience.

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