Candles And Their Colors

CandlesKnow The Meaning Behind Candle Colors
For centuries, mankind utilized the power of candles to bring light and have always been a symbol of mysticism and greater power.
The Romans were believed to develop the wick candles that we see today. Beeswax was not used in candle making until the Middle Ages. In the late 18th century, the discovery of spermaceti, the wax from the crystalized sperm whale oil, became popular since it was available in quantity and do not have the unpleasant odor when burned. The 1834 inventor Joseph Morgan developed a machine that produces and ejects candles in solid and cylindrical shape. The use of paraffin and stearic acid were popular in candle making during the 1950’s until the introduction of the first light bulb in 1879, bringing decline to the candle making industry.
Now, candles are more popular used to mark romantic events, celebrations and as home decors. They come in variety of colors and most of these colors have their own definitions. Here are some of the most common candle color definitions:
White candles –white is often associated with purity and clarity. Therefore white candles are used to bring forth the energy of truth, cleansing and protection. White also symbolizes the balance of all colors therefore white candles are used in many occasions that calls for unity and peace.
Red candles –as well know, red is the color of passion and love. Red candles symbolizes sex, vigor, health, energy, attraction, courage and power. Red candles are often used in creating an atmosphere of passion and attraction therefore romance is highly associated with red candles.
Green candles –the color green is often associated with prosperity and abundance. It is also a symbol of healing, fertility, balance, growth and financial success. Green candles are used to encourage the energy of physical wealth as well as professional and business good luck.
Yellow candles –the color yellow symbolizes creativity, wisdom, intelligence, honor and confidence. It represents the mental power and therefore yellow candles are believed to help people focus and concentrate.
Blue candles –the color blue is popular as a representation of calmness, peace and harmony. Most people who light blue candles encourages the energy of tranquility. This means blue candles are great during meditations for it brings the mood of serenity.
Orange candles –orange is known as a stimulating color and therefore promotes warm feelings. It is the color of energy, luck, success, happiness and attraction. Lighting orange candles creates a jolly atmosphere and encourages positive energy in general.
Lavender candles –lavender represents consciousness, awareness and spirituality. Most people who light lavender color can experience a deep sense of self awareness and calmness. This color also represents compassion, understanding and inspiration.
Brown candles –brown is the color of earth, it symbolizes balance. It promotes concentration and eliminates indecisiveness. Brown candles are used mostly to call on the energy of intuitive, telepathic and extra sensory powers.
There are more candle colors that are available and each color creates a certain atmosphere that fits a particular occasion. The most important thing is that to make sure that you are using your candles safely and candle holders are highly recommended to add extra appeal to your candles. A variety of exquisite candles and candle holders are available at the Center for the New Age, 341 State Route 179 in Sedona, AZ.

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