Are You a Dreamer or Just Living In a Dream World?

DreamersIf you are not dreaming, you’re dying. Without anything to look forward to, life has little meaning other than survival. In 1961 John Kennedy inspired the nation when he announced, “This Nation should commit itself before the decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth.” Many scientists said it couldn’t be done, but since JFK set the deadline, they were forced to try. Passion fuels a rocket, but a clear dream points the rocket to its destination.
When Steve Jobs was asked his advice, he said,”Dream Bigger”. The age of average is over. Our world today requires extra imagination and drive. Big dreams are concise and consistent. As Yoda raises the ship from the swamp with his mind, Luke busts out,” I Can’t Believe IT”. To which Yoda responds, “That’s Why You Fail.”
The bigger the dream, the better. Too often because of poor self-image, setbacks, rejection, fear, tiredness or laziness, we never begin working toward or give up on our biggest dream. You have to realize that no significant dream was ever achieved without the help of many people. When you are dreaming big, you will find it a lot easier to attract the best people to help you turn your dream into reality. Then do everything first class, don’t wait until someday. Do it, even if you can’t see how. It’s a dream; it doesn’t have to make perfect sense.
Big dreams have no limits, no doubts, and no fear. They have only love and it’s that love that creates the sweet spot to dream in. Dreamers embrace the challenge, they practice, practice, practice. They get a guide. They visualize the outcome as already happened. Then they take a chance. Jack Nicholas never made a shot without first visualizing the path and the ultimate lie of the ball.
Make sure you dream is your dream and not someone else’s. People suffer when they follow a dream that doesn’t belong to them. Don’t worry about making a mistake. Even if you have made some in the past, look at how far you’ve come from where you were. Be grateful for where you are right now, not when you get what you want. You have to be in your sweet spot every day. If you’re not happy, you’re pushing you dreams away.
Your livings in a dream world if you’re talking about your dream with everyone, telling them what you’re “gonna” do. You have someday syndrome. Some day when you get more money, have more time, the kids get married, the mortgage gets paid off, are just excuses for not doing it now. If you put no effort into making it happen. You spend hours watching TV and Movies. You confuse activity with results. I don’t have enough time because I’m doing things that have nothing to do with my dream.
You’re making excuses and blaming others, it’s not your fault, and you’re a victim. You are expecting others to do the work for you. You have so many projects going at once; you can’t focus on one obsession. You figure if you throw a bunch of things against the wall, one might stick. And lastly, if you aren’t helping someone else get their dream and are jealous of their success, you’ll never get yours.
When you dream a dream that only can be filled by a miracle, then you know it might be a big enough dream. And never, never, never let anybody steal your dream.

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