Dognapping case solved by Sedona Psychics !

As she did each day, Michelle put her dog, her faithful companion, Angel, into the fenced back yard of her home before leaving for work around 10AM on Wednesday, May 1, 2013.
But that day turned out differently. When Michelle returned from work at 6PM, Angel was gone.
Over the next hours and days, Michelle searched high and low for her loved and cherished friend. She contacted neighbors and the local shelters. No one could help her to find her lost dog.
Five days later, on Monday, Michelle contacted Frank, a Psychic at the Center for the New Age in Sedona, AZ.
Michelle had received Psychic Readings and information from Frank in the past and was hoping he could create a miracle.
It was 6am when Frank got the call asking for his help. He decided to go back to sleep and see if he could dream up any clues. While asleep, he saw him and Michelle searching for Angel. They were in a community of homes in a park like setting with green grass and a man-made lake.
Frank requested and received a picture of Michelle and her dog. He pulled up the area she lived in on Google map and then scanned the picture and the map with the palms of his hand. He zoomed out and panned around the town of Hurricane with no luck. Then he expanded his search and 15 miles from away he found a suburb called Washington. Bingo, this is it he thought. He confirmed with Robin, another Psychic and they both got the dog had been stolen and was alive in this area.
When he called Michelle to report his findings, he asked her if she had any enemies. She recalled an argument with a friend of her landlord shortly before this incident. When Frank found out this woman was now living in Washington, he advised Michelle to call the police.
They discovered there was a dog with Angel’s description at an animal shelter near the suspect neighborhood. When Michelle picked up her beloved dog, her collar had been removed and the attendant said was found in a grassy knoll across the street from the home of the suspected dognapper.
To learn more details and meet Frank and Robin, click on the following video.


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