Why Aren't You Getting What You Want

Law of AttractionMost people don’t even know what they want out of life. Many just take what they get. When we are children our parents may ask us,” Johnny what would you like to be when you grow up.” Well Johnny only knows what he knows, either from TV, School, or what his parents have told him. It’s hard to make a lifetime decision when you don’t have a lifetime of information.
I went to Catholic School and there was a time I considered becoming a nun. I was surrounded by nuns most of the time. It was what I knew. My parents wanted grandchildren, so they weren’t really fond of that idea. They suggested I choose a different life. OK, I thought about it and decided I would join the Navy. Well they didn’t like that one either. They suggested I become a secretary or a hairdresser like my mom. They could only see what they knew.
At that time I didn’t know even what a Psychic was, never mind how to become one. So I tried being a hairdresser and became a great one, luckily I was able to later see past where my parents could see. The universe had a bigger vision than I did.
Most of our dreams are colored by what we know and what we think we are capable of at the time. We just don’t know what we don’t know. What we create in our lives is directly related to what we are thinking. “You get what you think about most of the time.” That’s the law of attraction and it works.
Our thoughts attract to us that which we first mentally embody. Then what we mentally embody determines our consciousness. Unconsciousness thought will then draw to us that which comes into our lives. If you constantly worry about not having enough money or food or love, you will create not having it. So our thoughts make our world and draw to us the people in it. You attract to yourself exactly who you are.
You know that old saying, “The rich get rich and the poor get poorer”. Well it’s true. The rich are constantly thinking about being rich and what they are going to do with their money.” The poor on the other hand are only thinking about what they don’t have instead of what they could have. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION WORKS EITHER WAY.
Someone can help us think differently, but the ultimate power to create is a direct result of our own consciousness Man must bring himself to a place in his mind where there is nothing but plenty, peace, power, life and truth. He must realize that he is reflecting his statements into reality and creating his situation. When you say, I can’t afford this or that; the universe says OK I believe you.
So how do you break this pattern? Well there are hundreds of books by hundreds of people with the answer. I always tell people, “fake it till you make it.” It’s easy to trick your subconscious mind. It believes what you tell it. So tell it something different. Educate yourself and then dare to dream outside of your comfort zone. You might just find something out there you really want. You only get what you’re willing to settle for.


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