Is Immortality Possible?

Woman in fitness wear with vegetarian foodRecently my Dad passed away. He was 88 years old. Everyone says well he lived to a ripe old age. According to whom? Statistics I guess. But don’t statistics change. I suppose we could go back in time and find that most cowboys in the Wild West were lucky to live to 35 year old. But then if you look at Biblical history, you can find accounts of people living hundreds of years. It’s reported that Anna, the grandmother of Jesus was 600 years old when Jesus was crucified. Well you could say life was different back then. We didn’t have all the pollutants and carcinogens we have today. That is true. So why are we killing ourselves?
Recently a lot of media attention has been paid to apparently wild claims of some scientists regarding possible human immortality. These researchers claim that with new biotechnological advances the human aging could be defeated in the near future, and that we could stay healthy and vigorous for many more years. Is it hype or wishful thinking? Or perhaps there may be something here which deserves careful consideration or possible serious investigating. Papers have already been written, just not published. Scientific experts also attend the anti-aging and life-extension professional meetings. They believe we can extend our life span and not just for a couple more years but for centuries.
I recently was invited to attend a seminar on Immortality right here in Scottsdale. The presenters made a lot of sense. We are already living longer. With proper research and scientific advance, could it be possible we could beat the aging and death cycle. I personally believe in reincarnation. I don’t see death as the end. But what if we could keep all this knowledge we have learned in a lifetime without having to start all over again. If we look back at all the Miracles science has proven over the last hundred years, then why wouldn’t we believe in the unlimited possibilities.
Are we really choosing or has the length of our life been chosen for us. You are what you eat. It’s been proven that food can actually cure disease. So what do we eat? What the supermarkets sell us is not nourishing our bodies. I was raised in a family that was all about the food. It was the center of our social life. I always had a weight problem. Years of dieting, loosing and gaining weight was mostly what my life was about. Until I reached 365 lbs. Doctors told me I was going to die. I believed them, but why they weren’t able to help me. I went to hundreds of doctors. Then one day, I decided to take responsibility for my own life. I researched and read everything I could find to change my body and the way it reacted to food. Our bodies need optimum nutrition to live. Food matters. Without the proper fuel, in proper doses, the digestion is impaired and the organs can’t work properly. It’s that simple. So let’s take a look at the food we eat. By the time our supermarkets get the food to you, its weeks old. It’s lost 40% of its nutrients. Then we cook it, the body recognizes cook food as toxins. I was at a supermarket today noticing what people were putting in their baskets. I was amazed at how much processed junk food we consume. Why? Does it really taste that good. Might fresh food even taste better?
Oh but organic food costs more. It does, but how much is a life worth. We have our values inverted. We spend money on cars and homes and skimp on quality food. If we want our bodies to last, we have to take better care of them. We need to eat the foods that cause us to live longer. We have to educate ourselves and not turn our lives over to Drug companies. 106,000 people die due to adverse drug reactions, 39.000 people die in unnecessary operations and other hospital errors. 80,000 people die due to other infections they got while in the hospital. These people are sick and they’re feeding them white bread and Jell-O.
Heart disease is the cause of 652,486 deaths a year and cancer kills 553,888 a year. Eating nutritious food that prevents disease makes a lot of sense, but it doesn’t make a lot of dollars. We can live longer lives, but not the way we’re living them now. The Japanese have the lowest rate of heart disease and cancer due to their diet. When they come to our United States those rates change. So let’s stop letting the drug companies run our live. We can change the way we live and die and many of us are already doing it. We’re making changes, asking questions and not settling. We can get the nutrition we want, we just have to demand it and stop settling for less.

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