Aura Photos at a Wedding

Intuitive Psychic

“This lovely couple from California had their wedding a few weeks ago at Segner Ranch in Sedona. The ranch as the backdrop, greenery, flowers, basset hounds howling, guests mingling, laughter and a couple in love surrounded by friends and family – the perfect ingredients for a successful day.”
“PS – One of the biggest hits of the night was the Aura Photo from the Center for the New Age in Sedona. Guests were able to take away a snapshot of their aura – and someone to interpret what this rainbow of colors meant. Funny, I’ve never had this done before, but Keith’s aura had a lot of violet – which is associated with being intuitive, artistic & creative. Looking at the colors of the aura and what they mean, Keith’s was exactly him. Wow!”
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Segner Ranch Wedding


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