It's all about the Energy

Anita DaltonToday I am writing this blog, not from my beloved Sedona, but from Washington D.C. How strange, I am just thinking that I would find myself here in the middle of the Government Shutdown Crisis. in the most controversial places on earth right now.
My beloved and I are part of a club of highly positive, motivated people coming together to make a positive difference in our world. We planned this Family Reunion a year ago never thinking of a possible government shutdown. I find it so interesting this morning to realize that as over 2000 like-minded positive people arrived in Washington, the shutdown ended and an agreement was reached. Did our energy help that shift? I don’t know for sure but I really think it was possible.
We have a camera at our Center that can take a picture of the electrical energy field around our body. We can actually see the difference between a negative person and a positive person’s aura. Some people who are on their spiritual path come back for “check-ups” to see how they are progressing. The results are sometimes astounding.
When you’re happy and think positive thoughts, there is a different energy that emanates from your body. That positive energy attracts positive people and circumstances to happen. It’s called the “Law of Attraction” and it works.
And what if all it takes is a decision to change. Everything begins with a thought.
I always tell people, “Be careful who you hang out with”. Your energy is the total of your five best friends. I have a friend who recently left an out-going message on her phone that said,” I’m making changes in my life, so if I don’t return your call, you’re it.”
We are in a profound time on our planet and it’s easy to get negative. That’s why we need leaders who are happy and positive. We have to be the change we want to make. The other day I shared a quote on the center’s Facebook page about attracting money. We have over 100,000 followers. Only one of those took offense and said money isn’t spiritual.
Money is one of the purest forms of energy on the planet because it can be changed into anything else. Mother Theresa once said, “There is nothing spiritual about poverty.” Just think of all the good you could do if you had more money to share positively.
Money won’t make you happy. You have to get happy first. You have all heard the saying'” Money won’t buy you happiness” It’s true. But if you’re happy and are doing what you love, the money just seems to find you. The only thing you have to risk trying it is getting happier.
We all fear change, but it’s only uncomfortable for about 72 hours. Give it a try. I believe disease starts in our emotional body and then eventually manifests into the physical. A happy body is a healthy body.
So do whatever it takes to get happy now. Create an energy field around your own body that attracts only good into your life. There is good in every situation. You just have to look for it. Namaste.

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