The Things We Take For Granted, Someone Else Is Praying For

Anita DaltonA little more than a week ago, I found myself in Washington D. C. on business. No not government business, since it was shut down. My beloved and I hailed a taxi for a brief trip to the supermarket. While stopped at a red light, a man approached the cab with a bucket asking for donations for a church.
The driver promptly took out his wallet and made a donation just as the light changed. He glanced back and said, “That church will help my people.” “Who and where are your people.” I asked. “Ethiopia”, he said and proceeded to tell me about his ten brothers and sisters still living there. “When I was a boy, I had to walk two miles to school with no shoes.” “Then the Americans came and their church built a new school. Now my brothers and sisters only have to walk two blocks and they have shoes.”
“Our life was so bad our only hope was death. My teacher said not to worry because when you die you will go to heaven and everything will be wonderful. And then I got to come here and I am already in heaven. I don’t have to die; I can have a beautiful life in the United States.”
“I love this country, I was here only one year working a minimum wage job and I was able to buy a car. I never dreamed of owning a car and now I have one and I can send money to my family in Ethiopia.”
“You know your government people argue, but then they go out for drinks together. In my country, we kill each other if we don’t agree. I hear people get in my cab and complain about their government, don’t they know how good it is to be here in heaven. I am the luckiest guy to be here.”
Wow, I felt the tears welling up. He is so right. We live in the best country on the planet. Let’s not take that or ourselves for granted. And you know what’s even better; it’s getting to live in Sedona.

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