How did you celebrate Christmas?

Anita DaltonFor twenty centuries, the world has celebrated in various ways the birth of Christ. Many count the days as an occasion for family gatherings and exchange of colorfully wrapped gifts. Young children look forward to Santa bringing new toys. These days’ electronic toys have taken over the Christmas lists.
Mothers and fathers delight in decorating the family Christmas tree while sipping eggnog and leaving cookies for the overstuffed elf coming down the chimney.
Many who have no home and family look forward to Christmas as perhaps one time of year they will be invited to a special dinner. The worldly minded enjoy their social parties and drink themselves into oblivion, vowing to change by the New Year.
To the practical mind, Christmas is look upon as a profitable season. Churches get bigger collections. Merchants look forward to higher profits.
Churches have many festivities and ceremonies to thank God for sending His Son to redeem the sin laden world. And while it’s true many gifts are given with love, few know how to celebrate the coming of The Christ on earth, by beholding the Divine Christ Consciousness, which was manifest in Jesus, born anew in their own spiritual awaking.
So which is correct? To celebrate Christmas as a social event, a romanticism of religious festivity or will you observe the real meaning. The birth of the Christ within yourselves. His universal love forgiveness, character, renunciation, and devotion, feeling love for all living creatures and races.
Forgetting your differences, seeing only your sameness. Will you decide this Christmas to truly get acquainted with the ever living Christ born within you as new wisdom, new happiness, seeing your body as the dwelling place for the omnipresent Christ. Will you forgive your enemies real and imaginary as Jesus did, overcoming sorrow producing temptations by self-control, developing a preference for all things good. Will you give to others understanding and kindness and love them unconditional for your own good.
Remember that the Christ can be born again every Christmas, or at any other time, in your meditation-awakened consciousness. Devote your intention to make the Christ consciousness be born in you in your awakened wisdom. Through the portal of meditation, let your imprisoned joy escape to and rest in the heart of Christ in everything. Become the Christ you want to see in the world. Make this your New Year’s resolution.

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