Understanding Moon Phases

Set of moon phases for new, half, and fullEvery month the Moon appears to grow from a tiny sliver of light to a bright silver globe. As it waxes and wanes, so does its magical powers.
The Moon is most powerful when its full. This is the perfect time to charge crystals, pick herbs and start new ventures. There are four main phases of the Moon. The new Moon is when only a tiny sliver of the moon is visible. This happened on New Years day, January 1. The waxing moon is happening now when the crescent increases. The full Moon is when the whole Moon is visible and the waning Moon is when it diminishes again. There is also a fifth phase, the dark moon, when the moon cannot be seen at all. Each aspect governs a different kind of magic..
You probably have heard the saying” Once in a Blue Moon.” The complete sequence of Moon phases takes a little over 29 days, so there are twelve Moons in some years and thirteen in others. So maybe once in every two and a half years, two Moons will fall within the second calendar month. The second Moon is known as the Blue Moon. Spells performed under the Blue Moon are twice as powerful as normal.
During the Crescent Moon it’s time to start new projects. Trimming your hair during this moon will help it grow stronger. It might be time to move to a new house, start a new job, or begin a new relationship. Light a white candle and make a wish for the month.
When the Moon is waxing, as it is now,focus on creative magic. Perform spells for health and wealth. Think positive during this Moon and your self confidence will increase. Stand in front of a mirror every day and say, “I am a creative and confident person.” It might sound silly, but it works.
During the Full moon, concentrate on magic emphasizing fulfillment and abundance. This is the best time for performing love spells. Spells for success in taking exams to completing a difficult task are extremely powerful now.
As the waning Moon decreases, it is an ideal time to focus on what you don’t want in your life, or what you wish would disappear. Spells to clear debts, lessen anxiety, or just get rid of an unwanted admirer are best now. Visualize all your challenges gradually decreasing. And it’s a real good time to give to others.
As the dark Moon shrinks and hides from the world, you might want to do the same. Replenish your inner sources by looking within. Practice Yoga or meditate. This is not a good time for spells or magic. Think about what you want but take no action until the next New Moon.
It’s really important to work in harmony with nature rather than conflicting with it. Early human societies were dependent and aware of working with nature for their survival. Nowadays, many people are returning to the wisdom and magic of nature in order to find their own spiritual paths through modern life and its obstacles.

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