What's this Retrograde Planet Thing?

Anita DaltonThe planets of our Solar system orbit the Sun in continuous circles, but this is not always how it appears to the astrological observer. As they move across the sky, they sometimes seem to stop and even go backward. This optical illusion is known as retrograde motion.
Since the planets do not orbit in concentric circles or at the same speed, sometimes they are closer to earth than others. When a planet is the farthest from the Earth, it will appear to stop and go backward as it moves toward Earth again.
All planets go retrograde on occasion except for the Sun and the Moon. The outer planets, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are retrograde for about five months each year. As with most astrological calculations these days you can just look up the data, since most astrologers have figured it out for you.
The house that retrograde planet falls into on your birth chart will show what area of your life it will influence. The sign it falls in will show in what way this occurrence will take place. On some days, several planets are all retrograde at the same time. This will have a profound effect on your birth chart
When a planet goes retrograde, it is time for reviewing the affairs it governs. The affects may be intensified and this can cause problems. Retrograde planets can also be an opportunity for clearing unresolved business and reflect on a situation differently.
I have a friend who had some cosmetic surgery during a Venus retrograde. The results did not turn out well. Venus is all about beauty. Never even have you hair cut during its retrograde. You probably will not be happy with the result. Better stay tuned in out there, it’s a complicated universe.


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