PrasioliteWhat ? Green Amethyst? In preparing for our Show this week, Maria, our store manager ,was explaining some of our new jewelry pieces. She mentioned green amethyst to me and I always thought amethyst was purple. Well it is except in extreme heat conditions like Volcanic thermal activity. There is also a natural variety found in Arizona. We know how hot the Arizona desert can be.
The correct name for this stone is Prasiolite. It does start it’s life purple and then sometimes it changes to a pale green at 932 degrees. It is very rare in nature and is sometimes also found in Brazil and Poland. It gets its name from a Greek word meaning leek because of it’s pale green color.
It’s believed to be a catalyst for linking the crown and heart chakra. Prasiolite’s healing green vibration of heart green rays opens the heart chakra. This fosters compassion, self acceptance and self honor.
Carrying or wearing prasiolite also alleviates anger and fear, which is a big subject of our show this week. It allows one to tune into the frequency of love which is the basis for all spiritual knowledge and the means through which that knowledge is shared. Bringing Spirit ideas it amplifies ones connection to higher self. Pairing it with moldavite increases that power.
It’s kind of a lightening rod of healing energy that assists the ungrounded to attune to earths healing power. In the physical body, it can help with ailments of the heart and digestion.
I just love its sparkling pastel green essence in jewelry. It goes so well with any other stone combinations and is a terrific accessory for any fashion. Check out some pictures at the end of our New Age show and see for yourself.

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