Do you just drag yourself through your day, day after day, after day?

Science is finally catching up to what some of us who are called “New Agers” have opened our minds up to for years. Are we smarter than scientist? No, we just don’t need to prove everything with our brain. Some of us can actually think with our heart. Some of us didn’t really know what was driving us. We just knew that we knew.
You’ve heard the saying, “come from your heart.” What does that really mean?? I always thought I was a very loving person. I always loved the other person in my relationship more. I loved my children more. But it’s taken the last 30 years of my life to figure what real love is. And you can’t fast forward someone else into feeling it.
Sometimes we have young women come to our Center for books on Spells. Spells to make another person love them. Is it really that simple. We have come here for the experience of how to love the unlovables. Have you ever had trouble loving a puppy? They are so cute. But let them turn into a vicious dog, then what.
For years doctors thought the heart was an organ that just pumps blood. Now they know that’s not true. They have scientific evidence after 20 years of research, that the heart has a mind of its own that sends messages to the brain and is really controlling what’s going on the body.
Sometimes we need more than analysis and logic to solve a problem or unravel an emotional issue. Heart intelligence provides an intuitive, direct knowingness that is an essential aspect of our overall intelligence. When the heart is engaged our awareness expands beyond logical thinking. As a result our perspective becomes more flexible and creative.
For example, when two people are in love walking on the beach and get caught in a storm. The rain is no big deal. It’s just rain. They get wet and may even laugh and dry themselves off. It’s easy for them to accept this spontaneous event with a playful spirit.
But if the same couple is arguing, feeling frustrated and disconnected from their heart, Instead of being inconsequential rain, when seen from the head it’s annoying. Another outlet for their frustration. They have a totally different perspective. When the heart is engaged we see stress free solutions to our problems.
So how do we get to that place? Well, Rachael and I talk about The Heartmath Solution in our video today. We attended the Greg Brayden Seminar a couple of weeks and learned the Heart Math technique from Dr. Deb Rozman. Last Saturday, on my way to Phoenix, my beloved and I had a disagreement. In the heat of frustration, I was able to access total peace which changed the whole course of our day.
I am very excited about teaching some of my readers and employees this technique. I bet you didn’t think there were any disagreements here in our Blissful Center for the New Age. Ahh, we are all still learning. The good news is we are open to learning more and more every day. Learning never stops, no matter what age.
A friend of mine, who had triple bypass and pacemaker surgery at age 80, said that even though he leads a very healthy lifestyle with nutrition and exercise, he realized that he was constantly judging why other people should be just like him. He would get so frustrated when he couldn’t make them see things his way.
Open your mind and your heart and you can live heaven here on earth.


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