Sedona Is Saved As Fire Moves North

Anita DaltonTalk about being at the right place at the right time. Yesterday I was visiting a friend in the Flagstaff Medical Center. The day was not going as planned, but was going as it should. After many delays at the Hospital, I wound up getting lost trying to find the Mall. Now keep in mind, I have been there a thousand times. Then I got lost on the way back to the hospital. My friend whose car I was driving was tired and wanted to go home. I told her she could drop me back at the Hospital and I would get a ride home from the daughter of the friend I was visiting.
When we returned to the hospital, I had a feeling in my stomach not to stay. I told the friend’s daughter. She agreed she could handle things from here. Off we went, planning to drive down Oak Creek Canyon which is the shortest route to our homes. By now we were exhausted. We had skipped lunch and it was nearly 4pm. Madison wanted Japanese food at our favorite restaurant, Sakura. Unbelievable, I got lost again and couldn’t find my way there. Where was my brain?
We started laughing at all the times we were getting lost and decided to go to another restaurant nearby. The waitress we got was new and so the service was very slow. Finally we decided to leave after appetizers. Back on the road, we amused ourselves with the craziness of our day.
Just as we entered the exit to the canyon, we noticed several police cars blocking the entrance and a sign that said, “FIRE IN THE CANYON”. Oops! Just as I was about to go back on the freeway a policeman waved me over to his car. “Mam, where are you headed.” Well I’m going to Sedona. Obviously I’m not going down the canyon, so I was about to re-enter the freeway.” ” I’m sorry mam, you’ll have to go back to town and get on the freeway”. Is he crazy? It right here. “But officer “I started so say. “Mam go back to town.” By now Madison was pulling on my arm. Just go she said.
“Look the way things have been happening all day, let’s not argue.” If everything didn’t happen exactly the way they did today, we would be stuck in the canyon right now.” We were in the right place at the right time. Everything was Perfect. Kind of a Miracle, don’t you think.”
Yep, she was right. We had a plan but the Universe had a better one. Some people might call it Lucky. I know Its Divine Spirit in action. It’s how I live my life. Its peace and Harmony that is a result of right action and prayer. So next time you have a disappointment or a door closes, or a loved one leaves, remember its God using Divine Wisdom to get you to your Destiny.
Sedona is safe. The fire is moving North and so is the smoke. A thousand acres of forest have burned. No casualties. I have to believe, it’s all part of the plan.

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