Let's Talk About Love and Relationship

Anita DaltonA few years ago I was in a relationship with someone who I thought was really not in love with me. Ok he said the L word, but I really wasn’t feeling it. Then he said “Oh, you mean the Romantic Kind of love. I said” hello is that not what we’re doing in relationship. He handed me the course in Miracles. When I read how it described Love, I said I hate this book. I’m throwing it in the garbage and you with it.

Love means different things depending on the level of consciousness you’re at. We see people all the time at the Center who want the psychic to tell them when they are going to meet the one. There is no one. The one is you. The law of attraction says you have to love yourself enough to do the work to make you worthy for that special person to share you with. Most people are looking for someone to love them with all their flaws. If he really loved me then he won’t notice I have baggage or that I’m jealous have low self-esteem and no teeth.

As love becomes Spiritual, it takes on a whole different meaning. In the old days when women couldn’t support themselves and their children they had to settle for what they got. It’s not that way now. You can choose to have someone of your own level of consciousness.

At lower levels of consciousness, what is preserved as love is conditional and identified with possession. That what the ring is about. You’re taken. I’ve spent a lot of money on that ring and your mine.

Then Passion and romance are put into the mix to make that person feel really special and desired. Then when the glamour begins to fade after the prized object or relationship is obtained, the excitement also fades. Look what I won, I must be really special.

Infatuations are frantic with fear of loss that then leads to despair. Interference with the possession or the brake up can result in very severe emotional reactions, such as rage, jealousy even murder and suicide. YOU’VE HEARD THE TERM MADLY IN LOVE. This is how divorce lawyers get rich. If you were really in love, you would want the other person’s happiness even if it didn’t include you. My husband came home one day after 10 years and said” I don’t want to do this anymore. “I said, ‘OK can you be out by Saturday.” “That’s it, you’re not going to go crazy,” he replied. He had no idea who I was. What was for his highest and best good, had to be for mine. Thank you Universe. It was. Look back at some of your former relationships, are you glad you’re not still in them.

Because conditions of Love and passion are frequently confused, we think we are in Love when it’s really just lust. The contrast is between ego evolvement versus consensual alignment of self. The higher intention is of serving the relationship rather than just what the ego’s wanting’s or cravings.

Interesting enough is that passion vibrates 145 level and Spirit self-love 500+. The left brain physical at 145 and the right brain etheric 500

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