Let's Celebrate Summer Solstice, June 21

Anita DaltonAt 10:51 Saturday the Sun will be at it’s highest point in the sky, resulting in the longest day and shortest night. Celebrations are held on June 21 and throughout the four days on either side.
By Summer Solstice, all seeds have been planted; it is a pause between early crops such as lettuce and nettles and the harvest of fruits and vegetables. Summer Solstice is a time to celebrate life. Festivities include lighting bonfires, which we won’t be doing in Sedona, since we already had our big bonfire. Many people gather at Sacred Sites, like our Vorticies. where it’s common to hear drumming . Leaving offerings of summer flowers , especially Sunflowers, and crystals are also common as a thank you to the Sun.
You don’t need to find an organized celebration to enjoy the Summer Solstice. You can celebrate Midsummer just as easily in your own home. Baking round cakes covered in yellow frosting. These can be eaten for breakfast and traditionally represent the Sunwheel symbol used in many ancient cultures. Ideally you should get up before the dawn, sit on a hilltop to watch the sunrise, while eating the cake as the Sun’s golden disc rises above the horizon.
Use any yellow cake recipe, but add saffron. Then frost and add some honey. Garnish with sunflower seeds. Oh and it’s also tradition to wash your cake down with a flask of Mead, a traditional honey liqueur. Bonn Appetite.
Now how about a Midsummer Love Spell to top things off. First mix a handful of fresh or dried rose petals and lavender in a non metallic bowl. Add a half a stick of crumbled cinnamon and two pods of star anise. Next add 6 drops of rose oil to the mix. Now grind the ingredients together.
Facing east, burn a teaspoon of the mixture on a charcole block and without holding a particular person in mind, ask your new love to come into your life. Close with the words, “may this be for the highest good of all’. May the magic of the Summer Solstice be with you.

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